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Setting Up a Home Gym – Face & Fitness

Setting Up a Home Gym

By Kennedi Rose / December 1, 2017
Home Gym

Whether the kids have moved out, you?ve moved to a new house with more space, or you?re simply getting around to doing something with that spare room at last, setting up an exercise room at home is a great idea. It doesn?t just help you stay in shape ? you can save money on an expensive gym membership into the bargain.

The first step is to clear out the clutter out of your spare room, basement or whatever room you?ve decided to work in. If you?ve been using it for storage over the years, this could be a complicated process! Looking into a storage company might be useful for you here: it means you can box everything up and get it safely stored until you can permanently home it or dispose of it, and dive straight into getting your gym set up! A company like byStored will even collect your possessions for free, rather than you having to drive them into the facility and store them away yourself.

One of the most important things is furnishing your gym, so it?s a space that?ll inspire you to exercise. It can be challenging to find the motivation to exercise regularly when you?re away from the gym, and not with lots of other people all with the same aim in mind. ?There?s no set formula here: whatever you find inspiring is the right thing for you, whether that?s motivational quotes, posters from your favourite movies, or pictures of sports stars in the peak physical fitness you aspire to reach.

When you?re looking for exercise equipment you don?t have to break the bank! Sites like eBay and Gumtree allow you to pick up good quality used equipment for as little as half the price you?d pay new. Don?t compromise too much in a search of a bargain. It?s worth paying to make sure your core equipment is exactly what you need.

The majority of your routine will focus around one set of equipment: the Barbell and plate set. This allows for exercises that stretch all the core muscle groups, and from here you can build out with additional equipment when you have the money and opportunity. You need to make sure you get an Olympic standard bar, at 7 feet you know you won?t outgrow it, and can rely on it?s strength not to bend or break however long you keep using it.

To complement the Berbell set, getting a bench is also important: it?s probably better (and cheaper) to opt for a second hand ex-gym bench rather than a new one designed for use at home. The gym standard benches are built to withstand more punishment than domestic ones, and it will last you longer as well as saving you money.

This is the core of your workout equipment, and from here you have everything you need for a basic exercise routine, branching out with more equipment when you want and need it. This is the dawn of a new age of exercise for you, in your own home rather than at a costly gym!

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