Save Money By Dyeing Your Own Hair

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Want to create beauty on a budget? Forget shelling out hundreds of dollars at a salon. You can dye your own hair for less than $20.

“Um, but if I dye my own hair, it will look awful,” women usually say.

Okay, fine. Fair enough. Here are 8 tips that you should consider if you’re thinking about dying your own hair.

#1: Stay Close to Your Current Color.
Stay within two shades of your current color — regardless of whether you’re dying your hair lighter or darker. Leave the more dramatic changes to a professional.

#2: Don’t Over-Process the Ends
As your hair grows out, try JUST coloring your roots. This helps you avoid putting too many chemicals at the ends of your hair. o

“Um, that sounds tough,” you might be thinking. Not at all.

To protect the ends of your hair from dye, slather them with a super-thick layer of conditioner. The proteins and moisture from the conditioner will “coat” the ends of your hair, and protect dye from saturating them.

Apply dye to your roots. Let it sit, according to the directions on the package. When it’s ALMOST time to rinse out your roots, apply some color to the conditioner-coated ends of your hair, and let that color sit for five minutes. This adds enough color to update your look, without damaging your ends any more than they need to be.

#3: Ignore the Box
The photo on the box is useless. Ignore it. The color that the dye will look like when its on your head depends on your current color, your hair texture (fine or thick, dry or oily) and your overall hair health.

The best guide to how the color will look is the actual description written on the box. Most boxes will say something like “ashy” or “golden” or “caramel,” and despite how that box photo appears, the description is pretty accurate. The box will also describe whether the color’s “shade” is a dark shade, or medium-toned, or light.

#4: Fix Your Mistakes
If your hair dye job turns out darker than you expected, get a second box of the same color. Mix half of the dye with shampoo. Apply it, and leave it for five minutes, then rinse it out.

#5: Don’t Wash Too Soon
Wait for a day before washing your hair after you dye it. This lets the color “settle.”

#6: Create Salon Looks
Many professional stylists create a few lighter-colored strands around the face. Adding these in can give you a more professional look.

#7: Protect Your Work
Use a shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair in the weeks and months after you dye your hair, and stay out of sunlight (or wear a hat when you’re in the sun.)

#8: Deep Condition
Deep condition your hair a week before you dye it, and continue to deep condition it once a week afterwards.

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