Remedies to Wrinkle-free skin


Wrinkles also known as rhytides, are creases in the skin what gets pronounced with age. Now-a-days wrinkles also appear among young people due to stress and improper sleep. Who doesn?t want that everlasting youth? But does that mean you need to go under the knife? The answer is No! There are home remedies which act as?anti-aging?products and reduces your wrinkles.

What causes wrinkles?

As you age, your skin loses its elasticity and it loosens up. This causes the sagging of your skin. Most prominent on the face are known as wrinkles. Now the causes of wrinkles are:

  • Pollution.
  • Too much exposure to the sun(UV rays).
  • Genetics.
  • Lack of vitamin D3.
  • Excessive usage of cosmetics
  • Smoking.

Home remedies for Wrinkle free skin

  1. Apply castor oil on your face, on your forehead, and under your eyes. This helps in anti-aging.
  2. Apply lemon to your wrinkles. Take a slice and rub it, also you can get a fairer tone.
  3. A mixture of castor oil and coconut oil controls wrinkles.
  4. Mix lemon juice, almond powder, and honey. Apply on your face for a healthy wrinkle free skin.
  5. Take a core of an apple and apply on your face. Keep it for a while and wash it off with warm water.
  6. Coconut oil massage keeps your face healthy and gives you fairer tone.
  7. Use egg white and apply on your face. Keep yourself steady for at least half an hour.
  8. Ripe papaya is also good for wrinkle free skin. Rub it on your face and neck
  9. Take crushed ginger and add honey to it. Then consume it for a better result.
  10. Take ghee, yogurt, milk, and honey. Mix them and apply as a face-pack.
  11. Mix almond oil and honey to treat wrinkles.
  12. Eat avocado daily. This reduces the chance to get wrinkles.
  13. Use sunscreen when you step out. Prevent long exposure to the sun
  14. Use of sunglasses is recommended.
  15. Try out the classic remedy, cucumber over your eyes to reduce wrinkles and eye bags.
  16. To increase blood circulation level and soften up your facial skin use milk cream.
  17. Sagged skin is best treated with a mixture of honey, olive oil, and glycerine.
  18. If you want to tighten up your skin and feel younger, apply some onions ground well.
  19. Take a green pineapple and make juice. Apply it to prevent fine lines and heal cracked skin.
  20. Mash the core of a pineapple and apply on your skin. Wash off after 15 minutes positively.
  21. Apply ripe mashed banana on your face.
  22. Apply cold water to your face and eyes every morning. Keeps your skin healthy and wrinkle free.
  23. Dark circles can be treated with almond seeds. Soak some almond seed in milk overnight. Mash them and apply on your face for better results.
  24. Take two spoons of yogurt and mix with half spoon of honey. Then add three Vitamin E capsules. Apply on your face with cotton. Apply gently and wash it off after 10 minutes.
  25. An apple a day keeps wrinkles away. Also makes your skin healthy and younger.
  26. Take a mixture of lemon juice and amla. Apply it on your face.
  27. Take some neem and turmeric, make a paste and apply it to your face.
  28. Edamame cures wrinkles naturally. Use it as a face mask.
  29. When it is hot and you are sweating wipe it off. Sweat makes body dehydrated hence glow is reduced and dark circles are produced.
  30. Facial exercises are always handy to prevent aging. E and O position, relaxing facial muscles by moving your lips and make a face like when you chew a gum.

To regain youthful skin these home remedies and practices are handy. The only way to retain that wrinkle-free skin or to avoid from happening so is to maintain a routine. These will provide you as a guideline next time you feel like getting old. Try out yourself and see the results.

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