Raid Your Kitchen Cabinets for Beauty Products

Raid Your Kitchen Cabinets for Beauty Products

Want to save money? Raid your kitchen cabinets for natural beauty products! Don’t get me wrong; I love buying brand-name products as much as the next gal. But with a tight budget, I sometimes “save up” for that YSL moisturizer or Clinique foundation by spending a few weeks applying a homemade, natural mask to my face.

So what’s in your pantry that could be on your pores?

#1: Olive oil is a great body moisturizer and can be used as a leave-in conditioner for your hair (apply sparingly!)

#2: Sugar, especially raw brown sugar, is a natural exfoliant. Mix it with your body soap or add it to your scrub.

#3: Butter can also be used as a body moisturizer. It’s especially good for dry, cracked feet.

#4: Avocado is a classic face-mask ingredient.

#5: Egg yolks, stirred, make a great conditioner for your hair.

#6: Coconut oil works wonders as a skin moisturizer or deep conditioner. I apply coconut oil to my hair overnight, sleep with my hair wrapped in a towel, and then wash in the morning.

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