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Quick Tips to Get Rid of Dark Circles – Face & Fitness

Quick Tips to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Steps to eliminate dark circle

One of the most common skin problems that is faced by a lot of men and women is dark circles. It is actually the result of inadequate sleep and a lot of stress. What happens is that we all have a very hectic work schedule. In such a situation, it is just not possible for use to get enough sleep. With so many activities lined up back to back, the effect is bound to show somewhere. This is why the bags under your eyes are the first sign that you need some time off. However, this is not possible in an instant. This is why you must read ahead to know about some of the top ways to get rid of dark circles as soon as possible.

  1. Green tea bags: The very first thing that you can put to use is a green tea bag. It is very easily available nowadays due to the fact that it helps you to improve your metabolism and control body weight. This is why it is consumed on a massive scale and has now become a household product. All that you need to do is make green tea and then cool it. Do not throw away the bags either. You can use it again to make another cup for your eyes. After cooling, just dab it on the affected region and you will see the results shortly. You can apply it every day and there will not be any side effects.
  2. Grated potato: Potato is one of the best bleaching agents that you can use to remove dark skin from any part of your body. This is the same logic which applies here. You may either cut the raw potato in circles and place them over your eyes so that the dark circles reduce considerably or you may make a juice out of it. To make the juice, you just need to grate the potatoes and then make juice out of them by squeezing it. Apply the juice on your eye bags with cotton and let it stay for a while.
  3. Cold milk: Cold milk is the solution to a lot of ailments. However, it is also the best when it comes to removing your dark circles. You just need to dab cotton on it and place it over your eyes. This can be done whenever you want and the cooling effect will also be refreshing for you.
  4. Meditation: Last but definitely not the least, you must meditate. This is good for your overall health because it helps you to get rid of all stress and you get to connect with your spiritual side. Yoga has a number of benefits in store for you such as improved concentration and focus. Talking of the duration, you must meditate for at least half an hour to 45 minutes each morning. It is preferred that you do it in the morning because that is the time when you get fresh air.
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