Prioritize Your Beauty Budget

By Kennedi Rose / October 8, 2012

You have a limited budget for beauty supplies. What you should spend your hard-earned cash on, in order of priority?

#1: Sunscreen
Forget creams and balms … 50 percent of your fight against wrinkles comes in the form of using sunscreen daily. Pick something with a minimum SPF of 30.

Choose a brand you like, one that you’ll actually wear daily. It’s okay to pay more for a brand that you’re ACTUALLY going to use, as opposed to less for a brand that you won’t wear because it feels greasy on your skin or gives you breakouts. (It does no good sitting on your shelf).

#2: Nighttime Moisturizing Cream
The trick to maximizing your money when it comes to moisturizing cream is controlling WHEN you put it on. If you slather cream onto your face and then immediately lay on your pillow, you’ll lose a lot of the cream to cotton absorption. Apply the cream about 30 minutes to an hour before bed, so it has time to absorb into your face.

#3: Daytime/Body Moisturizing Cream
Tight, dry skin reveals wrinkles. Staying hydrated makes your skin look great. As an added bonus, moisturizing cream — especially body creams — are fairly inexpensive. A budget brand like Jergens or St. Ives works wonders. (Still want to save money? Use coconut oil or baby oil on your skin).

#4: Eye Cream with a Retinol
Retinols are your body’s way of fighting wrinkles. Help you body do its job by applying an under-eye cream at night that’s packed with vitamins and retinols. Budget brands like RoC and Olay offer solid choices.

Avoid: Over-Spending on Face Washes

Facial cleaners make contact with your skin for such a short amount of time that the money you’re spending, quite literally, goes down the drain. If you have a limited budget, prioritize the products that stay on your skin the longest, and choose an economy-friendly form of facial cleaner.

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