Pinterest Project: Aztec Pedicure

By Kennedi Rose / February 22, 2015

The other night, my friend who is currently in cosmetology school, asked me if my toenails needed painted because she needs to build a “portfolio” showing different people’s nails and hair that she’s done using what she’s learned in school. I’m always up for a little free pampering (talk about frugal!) and it gave her some good experience too. Plus I’m kind of a freak about having my toenails painted at all times, year round. (Toenails just look gross without polish in my opinion, haha.)

She asked what type of design I wanted and I fell in love with this Aztec design from Pinterest.



But, we decided to only do one of the two designs so my big toes would match each other.

Here’s how they turned out.



Pretty darn good for her first time doing an Aztec design. 🙂

Have you gotten a pedicure lately? What types of nail designs do you like?

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