Natural Remedies for a SUN BURN

By Kennedi Rose / January 15, 2018
Sun burn skin care

In this mobile world, no one is able to find out some time to eat properly and how can we even think maintaining our bodies. When it comes to our body we all know that skin is the most sensitive part, but still due to hectic schedules, there is no time left to take its care. To maintain our standards in the society, or to find out shortcuts to prevent our skin we keep on trying n number of beauty products, whether they are related to makeup or skin care. One need to understand that changing the product may also lead to several side effects. Spending bucks on these branded and expensive beauty products when result into side effects, it not only hurt our body but also does it to our pocket. One should always follow a proper and easy skin care routine so that they need not to follow these products.

In these problems, one problem lie is of sunburn.? Sun Burn happens when we stay under sun for a long time without any protection for our skin, and so the Ultraviolet rays coming from the sun damages directly to your skin and makes it red, painful and leaves scars, over the body parts where sun hits the most. Prevention is always better than cure and so in our daily care routine, we need to add a sunscreen lotion too. We think that Sunburn may happen only in summer season and not in winters. We feel easy lying down in winters, not giving our body skin care routine in winter season. One need to understand that in winter season, excessive sun exposure may harm the skin, in same way like in summer season and so the best part to prevent is to use good sunscreen lotions and cover your body or face with cotton cloth. Apart from this, when a person suffers sunburn, there are various treatments available to cure it. No doubt, these scientific treatments throw betterment in shorter time period, but these prove to be very expensive.

So, many people these days prefer to choose natural remedies, which provide better results and may not harm our body and are very reasonable as there are no higher costs associated with it.? These natural remedies could be done by the ingredients that are available in your kitchen or your home garden and are not so difficult to find and not too much expensive to afford them. These natural remedies are:-

  • First of all, try not to go under sun, too much, or wear sunscreen, or cotton cloth to prevent your skin.
  • If you face sunburn, then keep your skin cool. You can do it by applying cold water or ice on your skin. But never apply ice to your skin directly, always cover it with a cotton cloth and then proceed.
  • Aloe vera, is well known for its cooling properties. It has the power to cure a burnt skin well, remove acnes, scars from the skin. So you can pluck a leaf of aloe vera, keep it for 15 minutes and after that you can apply it directly on your skin, doing it regularly will show you results. If you don?t have plant at home, you may buy aloe vera products from market.
  • Apart from this, you can choose potato from your kitchen. Potato is a bleaching agent and so when you apply it to your body; it cools the skin down and also prevents scars. You need to peel potato and apply its juice or directly to your skin.
  • Else that, you can use apple cider vinegar, it also helps in healing sunburn. What you need to do is, add apple cider vinegar to lukewarm water and then soak your body into it for at least 30 minutes. This will balance your body?s ph level and heals fast.
  • One can also add green tea to their bath water to cure sunburn. Green tea is also known for its cooling properties; it is good for your skin and heals scars as well.

These were some of the known tricks you can try at home. Apart from that, if one needs to see quicker results then these remedies should be followed regularly.

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