Nail Polish Shortcuts

By Kennedi Rose / August 10, 2012
nail polish shortcuts

Pressed for time? Try these nail polish shortcuts …

#1: Don’t Paint Them All!

This is embarrassing but true — sometimes when I don’t have time to paint all my toenails before I go out, I’ll grab a pair of peep-toe shoes, paint ONLY the nails that peep, and run out the door!

#2: Wear Dark Polish

Painting with a light or bright colored nailpolish requires you to apply at least two coats. The first coat looks too transparent.

The solution, if you’re in a hurry? You can get away with applying just one nail polish coat if you use a dark shade. I keep a bottle of dark burgundy around, just for moments like these …

#3: Skip the BaseCoat

If you’re applying nail polish in a hurry, skip the basecoat. You don’t need it to be perfect. You just need it NOW.

#4: Skip the TopCoat

For the same reasons you’re skipping the base. (See above!)

#5: Apply the Same Color

Okay, I admit I’ve done this too … if I’m wearing a color, and it’s chipped, but I don’t have time to remove my old nail polish and paint a new coat … I’ll just apply another coat of the same color on top of my already-existing chipped coat. I’ll be honest: it looks kinda gross from close-up. But most people will only view your nails from afar.

What nail polish shortcuts do you use?

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