My Walking Journey: From Zero to Seven!

By Dimple / January 20, 2020

Walking always was and will be one of my favorite destressing activities. Since I was in school, I started enjoying walking. It was mostly limited to how I could include it in my daily routine. I think, for most of us, that is how we can get in our dose of walking without having to go out of our way to do so.

I can’t stress the importance of going on a walk enough. They are a great way to exercise and also sort your thoughts out at the same time. You get to spend time with yourself without having to consciously do that.

If you go out on deliberate walks then you get to spend time in nature as well and get some exercise and fresh air. It is many benefits rolled into one task.

Taking a walk in the morning is a great way to look and feel fresh all day. Going for a walk in the morning helps you breathe in fresh air before the pollution from the busy day makes the air not as fresh as the morning air. You can also go for a jog instead of a simple walk if that is what suits your fancy. This should flex out your muscles and help you get rid of the stiffness you feel when you wake up and make you feel instantly active.

One of my resolutions to myself has been to start working on my health. While it has always been on my mind, I have never actively and consistently done much about it.

I finally decided to go on morning walks. I do something that doesn’t sound that crazy but it is a bit. Because I travel 30 minutes by train to go walking. I have always loved traveling by train in the morning. Our local trains have open doors so you can see the greenery around the tracks, breathe in the fresh air, and feel the cool morning wind on your face.

It is also one of my favorite moments. One of my friends lives 30 minutes train-ride away and to hold myself accountable I go walking with him. I know that if I do it myself, it will be easy to skip, but having someone to accompany me has been really helpful. I have also started jogging, so that is a new one for me, and honestly makes me feel really good.

Now I go on walks even when he isn’t available. Sometimes, all you need is a way to get the ball rolling. The method might sound crazy to others, but if it works for you, then, by all means, go for it.

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