Must-Know Tips to Remove Makeup Effectively

By Dimple / October 21, 2019

The only thing you want to do after you get home from a long day at work is to hit your bed and fall asleep. As tempting as it is, not removing makeup and washing your face can cause more problems than just stained pillowcases and sheets. Cleaning the cases is easy but cleaning the skin issues will get difficult.

You have to push yourself to follow a skincare regime before bed. It is important to let our skin breath and repair itself during the night after what it endures throughout the day with chemicals in makeup and harsh weather along with pollution. Everything that your skin goes through during the day can cause clogged pores, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, tanning, wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and much more.

If an elaborate routine is not for you then it’s fine. Just make sure to remove your makeup and wash your face. If you can slap on a quick moisturizer or eye cream then good for you. Here are some basic tips to effectively remove your makeup before going to bed.

Tie Your Hair

Begin with tying your hair. While it might seem like a matter of mere convenience to keep your hair out of your face, it is much more than that. When you tie your hair up – in a ponytail or bun, doesn’t matter – you expose your hairline.

It is important to clean your hairline when washing your face because a lot of makeup residue tends to build up in your hairline as you blend and push makeup in.

Double Cleanse

When you are getting the makeup off, it is important to follow a dual cleansing routine. The first wash should remove all the makeup and the second wash then should be focused on properly cleaning your skin.

Use a cleanser that works well for your skin type. You can finish off the cleansing routine by using rose water as well. You can massage your face to boost circulation in the second cycle and when done apply any moisturizer or eye cream you like.

Don?t Stop With Using Makeup Remover

Like I mentioned above, double cleansing is the way to go. While makeup remover is made to remove makeup, it is not enough to clean your skin. You can use it for the first cleanse where you focus on getting the makeup off. For the second cleanse cycle though, use a proper cleanser to clean your skin properly.

Final Thoughts

While most of your makeup wears off after a long day out and about, enough builds up in your pores. It may look like all of your makeup has worn off, but there is still enough left to cause problems for your skin. It is important to get rid of the residue and allow your skin to breathe and give it a chance to repair itself. 

Beauty sleep is important for many reasons – one of them being that our body uses the time to solve issues within itself. Try to help your body as much as you can by taking the proper steps to boost the healing process.

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