Money-Saving Halloween Costume Tips

save on halloween costumes

Let’s celebrate Halloween with 4 money-saving costume tips.

#1: Head to those Halloween stores on Nov. 1, when everything’s on sale, to stock up on next year’s costumes.

#2: But oops, you forgot to do that LAST year, and you need a costume for Halloween night. Buy one “signature” piece that will signal to the world exactly what your costume is.

For example, if you’re a witch, buy a pointy black hat, and wear the rest of your clothes from stuff you have at home. If you’re Cleopatra, buy a headpiece and just wear something flowy that’s already in your closet.

#3: Use tons of makeup — rather than clothes — to create your costume. A white face + blood-red lips + a cheap set of fangs = instant vampire. It’s far cheaper than shelling out tons of cash on a bumblebee outfit.

#4: Remember — at the end of the night, your kids will get candy (or you’ll get a phone number at the party) regardless of how ‘authentic’ your costume is. The point is to let loose and have fun, not to have the perfect outfit.

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Kennedi Rose

Cheryl - October 31, 2011

Sneaking up from SITs to say Boo! Great tips, especially about make-up as a costume. Never thought of it as a cost-saving measure but it works!

Aloysa - November 1, 2011

Outfits never make a holiday, you are right. It is a nice addition though. My firend always stocks up on Halloween accessories on Nov. 1. Gets great deals! 🙂

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