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Money-Saving Beauty Tips – Face & Fitness

Money-Saving Beauty Tips

Today’s post is a collection of money-saving beauty tips and tricks that come straight from you, the readers!

saving money beauty tips and tricks

Save Money with These Beauty and Skin Tips

But before we get to that, I’d like to offer a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Veronica L., the winner of my $50 gift card contest! I choose her entry through Random.org, a nifty website that picks a number completely at random.

Veronica’s winning entry was writing the phrase, “I subscribe by email #2.” Those 5 words won her $50!!

Congratulations Veronica, and thanks to everyone who entered!

Read the fantastic money-saving beauty tips that Face & Fitness readers suggested.

“Experiment with homemade products. Honey and olive oil are great for hair. Oatmeal and milk work wonders on skin.”

– Melody J

My best skin tip is to use moisturizers with SPF daily. You don?t need to buy very expensive brands.

– Margaret Smith

The easiest way to be beautiful is to smile?and it doesn?t cost anything!

– Kathy

Having your hair done at a beauty school will save you money.

– Rebecca Graham

I keep my skin looking better by drinking lots of water. Free and good for you!

– Cynthia C

One of my favorite ways to save on beauty products is to take advantage of the drugstore.com/Beauty.com $20 off $100 sales they run every 3 or so months! It?s a great way to stock up on favorite brands!

– Kimberly

My fitness tip is to walk on the treadmill while watching your favorite tv show. It keeps you occupied and makes it go by faster!

– Colleen B

I absolutely love using baby oil to moisturize – not all of it smells like baby oil but it?s cheap and totally works for dry skin!

– Shannyn

Drinking water is the best for skin. better than anything you can use on the outside.

-Valerie Taylor Maybry

I always use coupons when I buy my makeup at CVS or Walgreens. If I want a more expensive brand of makeup I try to win it online!

– Amanda Sakovitz

I recently used some leftover canned pumpkin and mixed in lots of brown sugar and cinnamon to make a natural scrub. It?s great knowing I could safely lick it off my face. I?ve also been using coconut oil as a body moisturizer and olive oil on split ends.

– Christina

Add one cup of vinegar to a bath to improve your skin!

– Julie

I use cold cream as my makeup remover.. it’s cheap and lasts a long time.

– Ashley

Learn about fresh facials made from kitchen foods, like honey, milk, oatmeal, certain fruits and such. They?re cheap, effective and natural.

– Debbie C.

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer for your face and entire body. When warmed it also makes a great hot oil treatment that smells great.

– Angela Cisco

Drink lots of water, and stay hydrated.

– Misty Sunrise

I take advantage of Groupon deals to get access to great fitness classes that I couldn?t otherwise afford.

– Melissa O

Walk to a local park or area where you can run around and play with your kids. It is free and great family bonding time.

– Molly K

I put olive oil on my hair, concentrating on the ends?and wrap in a towel, letting it sit for about half an hour. Then I rinse it out. It removes hairspray build-up and leaves my hair shiny and very soft for quite some time after.


The cheapest & best drink you can have is water. Beauty from the inside out.

– Sarah L

I buy a lot of my beauty products at Dollar store. I buy my shampoo, moisturizer, conditioner, gel, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick all for $1. They aren?t name brands but I really can?t tell the difference.

– Susan Smith

I use coupons and shop buy one/get one sales.

-Happy Shopr

An inexpensive facial scrub: mix a little salt and olive oil, apply to face, gently scrub in a circular motion, and wash off.


Always check out product reviews online before buying, it can save you a lot of money in the long run!


Buy beauty products when on sale and use a coupon whenever possible.

-Donna K

I achieve budget beauty by only spending half of what I earn!

– Diane Baum

My favorite budget conscious tip is to use ice water when you shave. Just rinsing your razor in ice cold water will help keep your razor sharp. Your razors can last longer, sometimes twice as long.

-Charlene Kuser

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