Millenial Fashion Choices in the 2010s

By Kennedi Rose / April 21, 2017

Fashion is a fast-moving field, and difficult to predict. While designers would hope trends propagate from their inspiration, to catwalks and out into the high street, in reality, the next big thing could come from anywhere, with the mainstream seizing on ideas not just from fashion shows but also any subculture, tv show or movement that captures it?s imagination.

Millennials are without a doubt one of the most important groups in the fashion market: they are the early adopters, the influencers and the spenders that lead where other people follow. Here are some of the trends Millennials have been adopting over the past few years, to help keep your wardrobe right up to date.


Fitness is big business in the 2010s. It?s also become part of the fashion revolution. While it?s not rare to see people in their workout gear outside the gym ? it?s comfortable and practical, after all ? many designers are delivering fashion infused athletic leisure wear, inspired by more utilitarian sportswear but with the care and luxury you would expect from fashion pieces.

You can expect to find track pants in cashmere, from Chinti and Parker, summing up Athleisure?s focus on comfort and fashion in unison, and bold, statement-making outdoor jackets like those from Alexander Wang?s ?T? line.

Fashion Keystones

Many Millennials are practicing a ?Day Trader? lifestyle: cutting to the bone in some areas in to spend their money where it counts: on brands they love, irreplaceable live experiences and items they see a lasting value in after research and reviews. They tend to value simple brand recognition, and need to associate that brand with genuine quality, evidence that it fills a need in their life, or is particularly indispensable to their peers. Witness, for example, how many Millennials working unpaid internships for experience are also able to find the budget for an iPhone. The Apple brand isn?t just ?known?, it has specific associations of high quality technology goods, making them worth the big ticket price.

In terms of fashion, it means Millennials are buying at both ends of the market: stretching their budget with cheap items so they buy rare branded items that form a core of several outfit options. They also favour stores like TK Maxx where they can find big labels at a discount, and smaller internet based labels where they have a more personal relationship with the label and designer.

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