MEDITATION ? Why and how!?

By Kennedi Rose / September 25, 2017

It is truly said that a healthy mind leads to a healthy soul and body. Meditation is not just about mind but our whole body. Fitness doesn?t mean just physically fit but also refers to a healthy and calm mind. Today, reason for our most of the problems is stress which not only disturbs our mental health but also affects our overall health. Our tiredness and stress make us unhappy, impatient and frustrated.People have been practicing Meditation since ages. Meditation, if made a part of our life can help us to achieve a healthy mind and fit body. It helps to develop a better understanding of ourselves and outside world. It helps us to connect to a divine power which takes us to another world. It is a profound spiritual practice you can enjoy throughout the day, not just while seated in meditation.

Need to learn meditation

In our hectic schedule, meditation is the only way to get freedom from our stress, worries, problems and reach to the level of inner satisfaction and mental peace. It enables us to control our mind and emotions as a balances and calm mind is always happy. Regardless of the external circumstances, we create an inner world which is a mirror to us helping us to understand ourselves on much higher level.In this way, we will come to experience a permanent inner peace, known as ?liberation? or ?nirvana?. It helps us in many more ways such aslowering blood pressure, improving blood circulation, lowering heart rate, slowing down respiratory rate, reducing anxiety, developing more feelings of well-being, deeper relaxation.

Yoga of Meditation

In the sixth chapter of Bhavarthadipika?commentary on the Bhagavad-Gita by Sri Jnanesvar (Dnyaneshwar)?meditation in?yoga?is described as a state caused by the spontaneous awakening of the sacred energy?Kundalini?(not Prana or Chi), which creates a connection of the individual soul ?tma with universal Spirit – Paramatma. Internal and external signs of this state are clearly defined: the body is cured of diseases; the mind is serene, at rest with no thoughts, accompanied by a feeling of tremendous joy and bliss.?According Sri Jnanesvar, this state is not achieved by training of the mind nor by willful control.? It is transmitted from guru to disciple in the Nath tradition. Shri Jnanesvar (Dnyaneshwar, who describes this unique state of consciousness in yoga, is a disciple of?Shri Nivrittinath.?In?Sahaja yoga?few threads of the sacred energy Kundalini rise spontaneously and gradually grow in number.

Find the right meditation posture for your body

There are various ways of meditating. We can meditate sitting, standing, walking or lying down.

Getting your posture right is the key to staying relaxed and alert instead of tense or spaced out.?Unless you are not relaxed, you cannot concentrate or focus in your process of meditation. Before deciding on which is the most appropriate meditation posture, you must know for how much duration you are going to meditate because according to that only you will be able to decide your ideal posture.

Tips for meditation:

*Sit in the right posture:

Sitting in the right and comfortable posture is very important because that will help you to stay relaxed and maintain concentration through the whole process. This practice will also make sure that you don?t get tired or sleepy while meditating.

*Choose a convenient time:

Obviously, you need to select a suitable time to meditate. Sometimes, it is difficult to do so in our busy and hectic schedule but once you start doing, you will understand that it?s worth it.

*Breathe deeply:

During meditation, breathe deeply as regulating your breath will help your body and mind to relax which will help you to focus on your exercise. This practice is an important element of all meditation exercises.

*Stay focused

Your mind will wander, thoughts will be jumping in. Allow them to pass by. You don?t have to get attached to them because that will not help you to concentrate. Try fix your eyes and mind on one particular point.

*Follow a routine:

Religiously following a routine not only helps in work but also here. As you have a fixed time for your meals, work, you must fix a time because then you will be able to enjoy its benefits in a more efficient way.

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