Maxi Skirts: Breezy Boho Fashion

By Kennedi Rose / November 8, 2016

I live in Sarojini Nagar (it is the Paris Fashion Street of India), the most important destination for every girl who is out on a hunt for trendy clothes at killer prices. So, as I stroll from one shop to another, I notice that the latest trending stuff in the shoppers? paradise, are the Maxi Skirts.

I was never big fan of these slim fitting skirts that drape to the ankle length. Mainly because I felt a person with butt size of 36 and height 5?2 can?t really pull it off. And also I wondered how on earth a person could be comfortable in that cloth let alone walk properly.

But then, as they say, everyone can wear everything, as long you know how to wear it. They actually can?make you look taller?if styled correctly. So I decided to buy one for myself, because as we know all progress is experimentation. I bought one along a tank top.

With time and research I realized these are extremely versatile. They?re easy to add layers over as well as hide layers under, making them the perfect transitional piece for the winters where some days are super chilly and others are still warmed by the sun. So I?ve worn my favourite maxi skirts over and over again.

A flowy white crop top paired with a kimchi blue maxi skirt would definitely make a statement. (Well that is what I wore for my 18th birthday and trust me when I say I looked fabulous, because I don?t really self-praise myself much.)

What I?ve learnt from my experiments and insecurities regarding maxi skirts: Stay away from tight?maxis in ultra-thin, clingy material?they show?everything. No matter how great a physique you have, those skirts are never flattering! As a rule of thumb, if you get a line from your underwear or from tucking in your shirt, put it back on the rack!
If you feel?stubby when wearing maxis, try one that has a slit at the leg, which often can feel less restricting and gives you space. Slits are always sexy.
I?ve always loved bold designs and prints. But with constant comments on how short I always looked, I realized I wore it wrong. Petite women should stay away from horizontal?blocks of color, solid and prints together or large prints. Especially when you are wearing long dresses, such as the maxi skirts.

Bold designs, leopard prints, leather jackets, closed toe flats, or button down! Accessorize or keep it simple. You can wear maxi skirts just the way you want. This fashion season a certain style with the?skirt?will grab the attention of every person who crosses you.
I hated these because I wore them wrong. Wear it right and the world is your ramp!

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