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Make Your Own Gourmet Bath Soap – Face & Fitness

Make Your Own Gourmet Bath Soap

By Kennedi Rose / July 19, 2012
Make Your Own Gourmet Bath Soap

Want gourmet bath soaps – for a cheap price?

Make your own! Here’s the recipe:

Equal parts coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax. I recommend 4-5 ounces of each.

You can pick up coconut oil at any Indian grocery store, if it’s not sold in your big-box retail grocery store. The rest you can buy on Amazon or Overstock.

Then — pour all these ingredients into a double boiler, in equal proportions. Heat it on low-medium until it melts. Stir it VERY well, so it’s all blended together.

Then pour it into an ice cube tray, cupcake tray, or any other mold you want. (You can also order silicone soap molds online … but using something you already own, like a cupcake tray, is the most frugal option.

Let it cool, then pop it in the freezer for half an hour. Voila!

Photo courtesy La Grande Farmer’s Market.

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