Make Your Hair Shiny … with a Few Homemade Ingredients

By Kennedi Rose / August 16, 2013
how to make your hair shiny

Making your hair shiny and glossy with a few homemade ingredients has never been so easy.

It just takes a bit of know-how to turn your tired tresses into shiny locks of gorgeous hair. This article tells you how to make your hair shiny using homemade ingredients.

Eggs and mayonnaise

Eggs and mayonnaise are the perfect ingredients for a conditioner that aids shiny hair.

Both ingredients contain lots and lots of protein which is very good for the hair when it is smoothed on. The egg yolk is particularly useful for oily hair, while the egg white on its own is recommended for dry hair. The vinegar in some mayonnaises is additionally beneficial for the hair.

To use eggs and mayonnaise on your hair, you should place a small amount of egg or mayonnaise on a saucer and mix with a fork.

Then use your fingers to apply the mixture liberally to the hair and leave in for twenty minutes. The mixture should be used like any other conditioner so, it should be applied to clean, damp hair and washed out thoroughly after a few minutes.

People with dryer hair and scalp should leave the mixture in for longer or even overnight.


It seems an unlikely candidate for a beauty regime, but beer really is a great product to make your hair shine. The yeast in the beer makes the product beneficial to hair, so if you have any spare beer cans around these are the perfect raw ingredients for a great homemade hair conditioner.

To use beer in your hair you should add it to a base which forms a conditioner. So, you should create a base mixture with olive oil, or essential oil and an egg or egg yolk. Mix the ingredients together with a fork and then apply to mixture to your hair using a massaging motion.

Oils and lemon juices

An age old remedy for tired hair is to combine lemon juice and oil. Oils like essential oils and olive oil mixed with lemon juice can be used to restore shine and gloss to the hair. This remedy is especially effective for somebody who has an itchy scalp.

To make a hair conditioner out of lemon juice and oil, simply mix some lemon juice with some oil in a cup. Mix in a small amount of water. Then use the mixture in the same way that you would use a conditioner, but applying to wet hair and rinsing thoroughly.


Essential oils, or even olive oil on its own is another great remedy for hair. To use this to revive your hair simply place a few drops in your hands. Rub your hands to together so the bodyheat you generate softens the oil and makes it slightly heated. Then apply to the hair using your fingertips. Leave for a few minutes and then rinse out.

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