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Long-Term Vaping Safer Than Smoking – Face & Fitness

Long-Term Vaping Safer Than Smoking

By Kennedi Rose / January 2, 2019

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers came into play as a better alternative to traditional smoking. Chances are you are in need of an alternative but you first need to understand some of the advantages of switching to smokeless tobacco use. Well, this article is going to enhance your beginning of a new decision in your life by elucidating how you stand to benefit by making that move.

Start Saving More

You may not have known about this but electronic cigarettes give a less costly alternative to using tobacco cigarettes. Depending on where you live, the cost of a pack of cigarette can range between $7 and $19. A single electronic cigarette cartridge can cost approximately $2. What?s more is that the e-sigarett cartridge is equal to almost a whole pack of traditional cigarettes. This means that you can save between $4 and $9 on every pack of cigarettes. And when you invest in e-liquid devices, you can save more by re-filling the cartridges on your own.

Reduce Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

One of the recently released study reports by health experts has endorsed vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. This was a long-term study to establish the effect of vaping on ex-smokers. While some e-cigarettes contain nicotine, it is doesn?t have all the harmful substances like carbon monoxide and tar that are produced through tobacco smoking. 

This study involved 181 smokers and has been termed as a landmark for pioneering research on the long-term vaping effects in the real world. This is quite different from the previous studies that mainly used animal models in pre-clinical tests to determine the long-term effects of e-sigarett. The results of the study found considerably lower levels of carcinogens and toxic chemicals in samples of former smokers who?d been e-cigarettes users in comparison to current smokers.

Another result worth noting is with regard to current smokers that are attempting to reduce their health risks by constantly switching between normal cigarettes and e-cigarettes. This group could only be saving on cash, but not doing much for their health. It was established that combination users had very high carcinogens and toxins levels in their samples. Apart from most of the other revelations that came out during this study, it also points to the fact that e-cigarettes can lessen the harm to smokers by cutting down on their exposure to toxic chemicals. This exposure can reduce to zero levels especially when one uses e-liquid flavors with 0mgs of nicotine.?

Smoking tobacco cigarettes make you feel obligated to consume the whole cigarette. E-cigarette, on the other hand, allows you to take some puffs and put it away to use some other time. This helps most people to smoke less. In fact, e-cigarettes have facilitated a preponderance of people to completely quit. This is because of the various nicotine strengths that are available in e-liquids.

The strength of nicotine in each e-liquid will range from 0mgs to 36mgs depending on what you prefer. Some people have preferred to buy e-liquids with no nicotine as a way of helping themselves quit. Surprisingly enough, it has worked for a majority of those who were committed to the cause.

Cleaner Breathing Environment

No Unpleasant Odors

It goes without saying that smoke from tobacco can be quite unpleasant, sometimes even to the smoker. The worst thing, however, is that this nauseating odor will linger on your hands, clothes, hair and in the breath. You can use the electronic cigarette in your house or car without anyone having to complain about the odor. When you use the e-cigarette, you basically breathe vapor.

Without extreme hot ends, it completely minimizes the possibilities of burn. And you will be sure to avoid all the burns sustained by furniture, your car interior, clothes, and carpets. The e-cigarettes are not lit and therefore there are no chances they can burn anything up. You can simply place your electronic cigarette in the pocket when you are done smoking.

Avoid Ashtrays and Lighters

Have you been spending on a book of matches or lighters to light your cigarettes? Well, you do not need any of that when using the e-sigarett. In fact, you do not need to remember bringing one with you everywhere you go. There being no ashes or cigarette butts when using electronic cigarettes; you can do away with all the ashtrays dotting your house or car.

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