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Lets Detox the nature’s way! – 10 Essential Oils to Detoxify your Body – Face & Fitness

Lets Detox the nature’s way! – 10 Essential Oils to Detoxify your Body

By Kennedi Rose / June 21, 2016

If you look at detoxification as a process through which you help your body in getting rid of all the toxic waste, stress and anxiety, negative thought process and various other harmful organisms, then you are in need of these oils which will let you achieve just what you need. Although many of these oils may not have been clinically tested for it, rest assured you have nothing to worry about since many have given their approval on the magic that these oils work. Here?s a list of 10 essential oils from various sources which you can use to detoxify your body. Sit back and relax and let these oils do their magic.

  1. Peppermint Oil

You can either have a bath using the peppermint oil or even have it directly. If you prefer to have it directly, then a few drops of the oil should do the work. Make yourself a drink with it or if you are find with having it mixed with plain water, which also would be just fine. Taken from the peppermint plant, this oil will help your digestive system to do its job better and also support your respiratory system. You will find peppermint oil as a constituent of various other oils which are used in the same genre.

  1. Mandarin Oil

Mandarin oil is generally extracted from mandarin oranges and this oil has been proven useful in circulation of blood and has shown some promising signs of promoting the growth of new cells and tissues in the body. That in turn would lead to better immunity and will help you keep away from falling sick easily. All you need is a few drops of the mandarin oil in a glass of water and you are good to go.

  1. Juniper Oil

It is extracted from Juniper berries which are a great source of antioxidants. Juniper oil basically targets and aims at bettering your digestive system. Apart from that, it also focuses on alleviating pain and will further be useful in helping you relax your mind while under stress. You can use the juniper oil as a diuretic which will enable you to flush out toxins and the excess amount of water weight and if you have excess of sodium in your body as well. All in all, Juniper oil comes with the essence of the source as well.

  1. Laurel Oil

Yet another oil that is loaded with antioxidants is the Laurel Oil which is extracted from the Laurel leaves. Being rich in antioxidants, the oil will help you in getting rid of a toxic overload. You could try and consume or use the laurel leaves or try the oil and get the same amount of benefits out of it. You can either consume the oil directly or through a diffuser which will let your body take it through the respiratory track. Being a detox oil, it targets in cleaning your digestive system before anything else.

  1. Rosemary Oil

Having multiple ways of usage, Rosemary oil can be either used in a bath, inhaled or even be given a massage with. Just by taking the prominent properties of rosemary which can be easily found in your kitchen and putting it into an essential oil will give you benefits such as digestion improvement, better circulation, etc. The oil can even make you feel better and has been showing effective signs in waving off ailments such as cancer and even the state of memory loss. However, this does not mean you give up on everything else and stick to the oil.

  1. Grapefruit Oil

This oil has had a great impact on human lives. It has been helpful in killing off viruses within the body and even microbes that reside in the body and which may cause problems in the future. If you have not feel using this oil, it is high time you start it and can use it on a daily basis and it will in turn help you in keeping yourself healthy. It must come as a surprise to you that you didn?t know so much about it even though you keep eating so many grapefruits. Extraction of oil from the grapefruit you eat impacts your body leading to wellness.

  1. Helichrysum Oil

Skin is the largest organ of the body and is of utmost importance for survival. Without skin, there would be no adaptations to the climate and no ways of keeping your inner organs protected. Helichrysum oil targets just the right place, the skin. Coming from the sunflower clan, this oil has a wide range of benefits and a majority of them cater to your skin and given the importance of skin, it will help you keep it as healthy as possible. It also lowers the inflammation of the body and will help you regenerate cells.

  1. Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is generally added widely into cleaning products which end up giving out a pleasant odor and also give a fresh and clean feeling. Lemons are usually used as disinfectants and the oils are in no way different. Having a wide range of uses such as minimizing cramps during menstruation, sleepless nights, stomach upset, etc. makes the lemon oil one of the most important one among the list of essential oils. Using it in your baths or making a shake and consuming it will make you feel way better.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Firstly, it is important to note that this oil is not meant for direct consumption and is best suited for tropical application on the body. Hence, do not make a mistake of taking it in directly. It is prominently known as a skin curative and is an effective oil which is used in detoxing the body. This superman of oils can handle and protect you from almost anything and everything such as viruses and bacterial infections to common cold. Tea Tree oil is one of the most on demand essential oils for that reason.

  1. Hyssop Oil

You may have not heard of it as much before, but once you get yourself aware about the benefits of the oil, you will see as to why it is so important. Since the process of detoxification starts with focus on digestive system, this oil treats the digestive issues you may have. Since digestion is one of the main ways though which all the toxic will exit, major focus of hyssop oil lies on the lines of the digestive system only and using the essential oil will help you move towards better health.

These are merely a list of 10 essential oils out of the thousands that are in existence. If the oil that you wish to use is not available in your locality, you can use references and find an oil closer to the one you need and purchase it. Detoxifying your body is one of the most required things for your body and your body definitely deserves that much amount of care from you. So go ahead and start your journey towards a healthy life. Be cautious of what you do with your body and make sure you know what it needs.

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