Less is More: How to Simplify Your Summer Beauty Routine

I don’t know about you, but my summer schedule is packed! With a lot more seasonal and special events, like weddings, baby showers, 4th of July celebrations, and weekend bar-be-ques, I have a lot going on and time is of the essence.

When my time gets more limited, I look for ways to cut down on the amount of time my daily routine takes, especially in the makeup department. I don’t like to spend hours getting fixed up and ready for the day only to have my face melt off by 10 a.m. because it’s so hot. Therefore, I’ve embraced the “less is more” approach to my summer beauty routine. Here’s how you can too with just a few simple changes or product swaps.


14310097347_4fed51a76f_zWhile I love the coverage of a liquid foundation, that’s the first thing to go when I switch to my summer beauty routine each year. For 75% of the year, I use a liquid foundation followed by a matte powder to finish off my look. But in the summer I want something quick and easy that won’t melt away and provides some protection from the sun.

Switching from a liquid foundation to a liquid CC cream does the trick for me. It still provides enough coverage that I feel comfortable, but it’s lighter and doesn’t seem to melt away like my full-coverage liquid foundation. Plus it also takes the place my daily moisturizer and foundation primer too. This way I can take my routine from 3 steps to 1.

Eye Shadow

I don’t wear much eye shadow in the summer because I have very oily eyelids, but when I do want a touch of color on my eyes, I use a stick of cream eye shadow. I love this option because I can carry it in my purse and easily re-apply it during a bathroom break if I need to make sure my makeup stays looking fresh for a special event with lots of photos. 🙂

Plus when I use a cream eye shadow I only use one color instead of usual three. This also saves me some time getting ready.


Instead of using a rosy blush in the summer, I like to use a bronzing powder. This gives me a sun-kissed glow all over instead of only using blush on the apples of my cheeks. Plus it can be easy for some colors of blush to be mistaken for a sunburn if you have a heavy hand when applying them.

Another great option is to use a cheek and lip combo stick. This is usually a cream blush and lip stick combo product which is water (and sweat) proof.


Finally, instead of fake-baking or burning myself to a crisp out in the sun, I like to use a subtle glow tanning lotion instead. This is a much healthier option that you won’t regret making later in life unlike when you expose yourself to skin-cancer-causing rays of the real sun or a tanning bed.


Do you simplify your summer beauty routine? How?

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