Keep Cosy in a Quilted Jacket This Spring

This is a guest post by fashion blogger Rebecca Wakelin.

We?ve all been there, fellow Britons. We?ve all glanced out of the window at the sunshine on a spring day and assumed that the weather was fair. Merrily donning a lightweight jacket, it would not be until later that we realised it was in fact still incredibly biting, possibly even raining. Cue hours or even whole days out in town, on a date, or on a night out, freezing cold and, quite frankly, miserable. Sadly, this situation can happen at any time of year, as the warmest of summer days can turn to the chilliest of nights.

The alternative to taking out a lightweight coat in such a situation, of course, would have been to wrap up warm in a winter coat, or don a thick sweater. Scarves, hats and gloves would probably also be logical additions to such an outfit. Sometimes I wonder whether we shouldn?t just dress like this all year round, just in case.

The problem with wearing a winter coat or sweater, however, is that they completely smother the look you are trying to pull off. In the spring and summer, the kind of coat us Britons need is a halfway house between warmth and style. I have found such a coat, in the guise of a quilted jacket.

A quilted jacket is a tight-fitting, short jacket with a quilted layer on the inside. The quilted layer insulates the wearer, whilst keeping the jacket streamlined. These jackets come in an array of styles and colours ? for example, popular looks this season include a leather quilted jacket.

A quilted jacket can be worn at any time and to any occasion. It makes the perfect choice when relaxing with friends and family on excursions, as it keeps you warm whilst looking stylish. On a night out, a quilted jacket will help to show off your outfit without freezing.

There are lots of different ways to find a quilted jacket to suit you. You could hit the high street in your quest, but I suggest looking online, as there are lots of different options to choose from and you can research which style would suit you most.

I love my quilted jacket collection and relish any opportunity to wear one of them. Now that it is a little warmer, I find my quilted jacket works well with ripped skinny jeans and shoe boots when I go shopping, or out for lunch with the girls. As a keen horserider, I can also wear my quilted jacket whilst out on a hack.

Overall, quilted jackets make sense. They are on trend, lightweight and practical, offering comfort and sophistication in equal measures. Plus, no more feeling cold on a night out! What?s not to love!

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Rebecca Wakelin is a horse riding enthusiast who also blogs about new fashion trends. She has found that her quilted jacket works wonders for keeping her warm when on the move.

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