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Is Ombre Hair Worth the Price? – Face & Fitness

Is Ombre Hair Worth the Price?

By Kennedi Rose / November 23, 2011
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The hottest trend is ombre hair — a balayage hair dying technique in which the hair is darkest at the roots, lighter midway down the hair shaft, and lightest at the ends.

Frugal fashionistas praise ombre hair as a cheap hair style because its low-maintenance. It’s easy to spot grown-out roots, which need to be retouched every 1.5 – 2 months. But you can go for 3-4 months without retouching your ombre hair color.

That’s half as many pricey trips to the salon — 3-4 visits to your hairstylist per year with ombre hair, versus 6-8 visits to see your stylist if you have regular highlights. Over the span of a year, that’s a savings of at least $300 – $400, assuming you spend $100 each time you hit the salon.

But is it worthwhile? Here are two things to consider when you’re weighing the costs:

#1: Time. You can’t just throw ombre hair back into a ponytail — it’ll look dark in the front and light in the back. You’ll need to wear your hair down everyday, which means you have to spend the time styling it (blowdrying, straightening, curling the ends).

#2: Cost. Ombre hair is a “full head” treatment, so it’s more expensive than getting partial highlights. If you’re used to paying a reduced cost for partial highlights, you’ll be shocked by your first ombre hair colorist bill.

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