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Is a Vaginoplasty Right For You? – Face & Fitness

Is a Vaginoplasty Right For You?

By Kennedi Rose / July 26, 2015

Vaginoplasty is a branch of cosmetic surgery that involves reconstructing, tightening or changing the shape of the vagina. Closely related is labiaplasty, which works on the labia and is used to shape or reconstruct them. Vaginoplasty can also be a part of the process of changing sex from male to female.

Vaginoplasty is a fairly mature area of cosmetic medicine, and treatment is available all over the world from top cosmetic surgeons like David Ghozland, M.D., Inc. Here we take a look at some of the reasons women consider having vaginoplasty, and what to expect, so you can begin to decide whether this cosmetic procedure is right for you:

What Are Some of the Reasons Why Women Choose to Have Vaginoplasty?

All kinds of women of all different ages choose to have vaginoplasty, for various reasons. Some women have it because they have abnormalities in the structure or appearance of their vaginas due to injury or trauma, particularly when this occurred during childhood. Other women need vaginoplasty to reconstruct their genital area after surgery to treat cancer or other conditions. Some women have vaginoplasty to create a tighter vagina to improve their sex lives, often after having children, if less extreme approaches like kegel exercises have proven unsuccessful. There are also some women who simply don’t like the way their labia and vaginal area look, and who have vaginoplasty or labiaplasty to change it (this is relatively common among women who work in the adult entertainment industry). Male to female transgender patients may also need vaginoplasty as part of the sex change process.

What Is Recovery Like?

Recovery for the most common type of vaginoplasty ? which is used to tighten the vagina ? must be taken seriously. As with any surgery, you will need to rest and not challenge your body too much while it heals. However, compared with a lot of other procedures there is not too much inconvenience ? you will be able to get up and walk around within hours of your procedure, and can return to normal working life after two or three weeks, meaning you can have this surgery using normal vacation time. Because the vagina is self cleaning and quick to heal, it is one of the less problematic types of cosmetic surgery in terms of recovery. You will, however, need to avoid sex for four to six weeks.

Results To Be Expected From Vaginoplasty

Most women who have undergone vaginoplasty are incredibly pleased with the results, claiming that they make them feel more attractive to their partners, and more confident in bed. Vaginoplasty can also help people get over the psychological damage of trauma such as childhood rape, where this has led to vaginal disfigurement. Most patients who have vaginoplasty to tighten their vagina after having children report that the surgery has restored their pre-baby tightness, or even made them tighter than they were before.

If you are interested in vaginoplasty, it is important to do your research, and then have a consultation with a good cosmetic surgeon.

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