Inexpensive Ways to Eat Healthy

By Kennedi Rose / November 4, 2013

#1: Make a grocery list. Get organized by writing out everything you will buy and pricing it before you go to the store. Stick to the list while shopping and avoid impulse buying.

#2: Choose fresh over canned. Buy your vegetables in the produce isle instead of the can isle. Canned foods have additives like salt to preserve them and can actually pound for pound cost more than fresh.

#3: Buy in bulk. Purchase items like meat, frozen vegetables, and grains in bulk to save money and to ensure you have a healthy food option at all times.

#4: Plan out meals in advance. Planning meals instead of guessing what to eat leaves a way for temptation to get into your diet. Instead, plan your healthy meals out so you know exactly what to eat each day.

#5: Prep your food. Once a week prep all the meals for yourself and your family and put them in the freezer. This helps you save money and you will be planning out your meals to lose weight.

#6: Take your meals with you. Instead of eating unhealthy fast food items pack up your lunch the night before and grab it when you head out the door in the morning. This saves money and ensures you have a healthy meal instead of junk for lunch.

#7: Try eliminating sugary drinks. Sodas, smoothies, and some juices all have added sugar that you don?t need and can add hundreds of dollars to your budget every year. Cut them out completely and not only will you
lose 10-15 lbs you will also save money.

#8: Clip coupons for whole grains. Most grocery stores send valued customers coupons and if you sign up for a loyalty program you will reap those benefits. Use coupons to stock up on healthy frozen vegetables and whole grains that will help you lose weight and give you the nutrition your body craves.

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