In Support of Mother’s Day …

By Kennedi Rose / March 26, 2013

Guess what holiday is coming up around the corner? Mother’s Day!

In honor of our mothers — the people who make our lives so special — let’s take a moment to applaud the hard work of moms around the world.

The typical American stay-at-home mom works 96 hours per week, according to research from This includes 15 hours of housekeeping, 14 hours cooking, 9 hours as the “computer manager” of the household, 6 hours doing laundry, almost 8 hours of driving and 7-and-a-half hours playing household psychologist.

If you add up the “fair market value” of those hours, a stay-at-home mom’s work is “worth” $115,000 per year, the study said. WOW!

How Many Moms Work Outside the Home?

What about working moms? Working moms balance 40-60 hours weeks outside of the home with another 40-60 hours working inside the home. Their work burdens are immense.

Sixty-one percent of moms in the U.S. work outside the home, which puts the U.S. 8th among developed nations in terms of the highest percentage of moms that work outside the house.

The Scandinavian countries — Sweden, Denmark and Norway — are first through third in having the highest percentage of working moms, with 76 percent of Swedish mothers working outside the home, or more than 3 out of every 4 moms. That’s followed by 74 percent of Danish moms and 73 percent of Norwegian moms.

70 percent of Portuguese moms work outside the home. After that, three countries are tied for having 2/3rds of the moms work outside the home: the Netherlands, Austria and Belgium. Next comes the U.S., with 61 percent.

These statistics come from the Pew Research Center, U.S. Bureau of Labor, and the Harvard Business Review.

What Should We Do This Mothers Day?

Regardless of whether your mom stayed-at-home or worked outside the house, your mom worked hard to raise you.

Spend Mother’s Day showing your mom how much you appreciate her. Buy her flowers, chocolates or shoes. Make her breakfast in bed.

Don’t have a lot of money? Offer her a handmade “coupon book” for services that you’ll do around the house, like cleaning, landscaping, organizing or babysitting.

Also, on Mother’s Day 2013, support mothers in developing nations around the world. At that link, you can make a donation to programs that support women’s health, women’s rights and women’s economic prospects. You can help eradicate polio, give humanitarian aid to crisis-stricken zones and support education. Remember: a nation is only strong when its women are empowered and free.

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