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How to Stop the Habit of Nail Biting – Face & Fitness

How to Stop the Habit of Nail Biting

By Dimple / August 5, 2019
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Nail-biting is sometimes a nervous reaction to situations. With kids, I am not sure what the reason is. Some say it is genetic while others say they just do it. Not only kids but teenagers and adults alike have a habit of biting their nails. Some that it so far that it is difficult to even look at their ruined nails and cuticles. You will have bleeding and skin peeling around the nails and nails bitten into the skin. It can be bad. If it isn?t yet, you don?t want it to go there.

Some people have a habit of slapping the hands away of people who are biting their nails. I would suggest not to do that. Tell them to stop but don?t just slap their hand away because the sudden motion can make them tear off the nail or peel off the little piece of skin around the nail they were gnawing at. It can be painful.

Nail-biting is harmful is a reminder that helped me start working on it. I kept reminding myself that I would be ingesting the dirt that collects under my fingernails throughout the day, it can chip at my tooth as I chip at my nails, my nails scratching myself hurt. Things like these help you change the habit. Like any other habit, this isn?t something that is going to change overnight. It will need time and effort, but this is something important for your health, so you have to put in time and effort.

Trim Your Nails Short

Trimming your nails short means you won?t have enough nails to be able to grab with your teeth. Keeping your nails cut short is one of the important steps to stopping nail-biting because it doesn?t feel as satisfying if you can?t cut into the nail and spit it out.

Get Manicures

This comes from personal experience. Whenever my nails were naked, I had a stronger urge to bite my nails because I could see the growth because of the colour of the grown nails being slightly different.

Whenever I painted my nails, I wouldn?t chew on them. So, I started getting manicures to give myself more incentive to not chew on my nails because I had spent time and money on my nails, and I didn?t want to ingest the nail polish that would chip away with the nail.

Coating your nails also helps give your nails a bad taste. This is equivalent of the homemade remedies that people do for kids like putting chilli powder or aloe vera on the nails so that the kid won?t do it again because they know it will taste bad.

Work on Your Triggers

Knowing what triggers your nail-biting can help you stop it. For many people, it is a reaction to stressful situations and feeling anxious. If that is the case with you then you can start using stress balls, or play with slime to deal with it.

This also works with the trick of keeping your hands and mouth busy. You can chew gum to keep your mouth busy, and also playing with stress balls and stress toys keep your hands busy and give you a way to release stress.

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