How to Save on Makeup

By Kennedi Rose / October 27, 2014

Do you spend too much money on makeup?

This is a common problem that all Shopaholics face. The lure of vibrant nail polish, better brushes, a new compact … they add up over time. Pretty soon, you have a makeup collection that overtakes your home … and you’re left wondering why your bank account is empty, while your makeup and hair product boxes are full.

Here are a few tips to help you save on makeup.

#1: Save money by sticking with brands you know and trust.

Some brands just don’t work on your face — either because they trigger breakouts or because they lack staying power. Stick with the brands that you know, love and trust, instead of switching brands often because you’re chasing sales or deals. The more you stick with what you know, the less likely you are to throw away old makeup.

#2: Save money by sticking with classic colors.

Sure, it’s fun to get glammed up with a vibrant eyeshadow — but you’re rarely going to wear bright blue glitter on your eyelids (unless that’s your normal style.

If you stick with a standard palatte, you’ll be able to use the same products regularly — rather than spending money on a wide array of different tones and shades.

#3: Save money by swapping makeup with friends.

Let’s start with a hygiene caution: Don’t share eye makeup with friends, and it’s best to avoid swapping lip glosses and lipsticks, as well. But if you and your friends all have blush or liquid foundation that you’re not using, get together and swap a few items. You’ll get the buzz of “something new” without any of the price.


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