How to Save Money on the Cost of Gasoline

By Kennedi Rose / July 24, 2013
save on the cost of gas

Gasoline is expensive! $4 a gallon? Who can afford that? Here are some tips to help you save money on gas.

1. Consolidate your errands. This is the one of the best ways to save money on gas. Instead of taking five or six different trips to get everything you need plan out what errands need to be done and look for the nearest shops to get those items. Instead of going from one end of the city to the other do your best to get all of the things you need in one spot.

2. Signup for a grocery discount card. There are various grocery stores all over the country that offer a fuel discount if you shop with them on a continual basis. These cards are free to use and signup for, and they keep track of how much money you spend at their stores. Once you hit a certain limit you can save up to 10 cents off a gallon of gas through them. It?s a great a way to save money.

3. Use cruise control when you can. If you live in a rural area or even in the suburbs you can use cruise control on the highways to save money on gas. Cruise control helps stabilize the acceleration rate at which your car goes. This in turn helps your car?s engine conserve energy saving on fuel costs.

4. Keep up on maintenance. Another important step in fuel conservation is keeping up with regular vehicle maintenance. Make sure your car has the proper oil and the proper amount of it to keep the car from working too hard thus burning up more fuel. Also, oil filters and air filters are important to change regularly as they too can work against the fuel flow in your vehicle?s engine.

5. Consider buying a fuel efficient car. There are hundreds of fuel efficient cars are the market today and they are reasonable priced compared to the cost of gasoline. Consider investing in a car that has a high MPG rating or even one that combine?s gas and electricity for fuel.

6. Park your car in the shade. You may think this is only necessary in the summer heat but even in the winter fuel can evaporate when exposed to the sunlight, but less of it will escape if you park in a shady area. Even if that means you have to walk a bit further to get where you need to be parking in the shade will save you on fuel costs.

7. Consider carpooling or taking the bus to work. Carpooling may sound like a lot of work but in reality it saves you time and money. You don?t have to get your car up and running every morning, maintenance is much easier, and you save money on fuel. Ask around work and see if you can find a few people who are interested in carpooling and get a team together to do it.

8. Scope out the gas stations. Look for the lowest priced fuel in your area via several different apps that are available. With Smartphone?s in nearly every pocket gas apps have popped up all over the place. Take advantage of these apps and find the lowest priced gas in your city and buy your gas there to save money.

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