How to Make the Most of Your Old Phone

By Kennedi Rose / February 20, 2012
swap or sell your old mobile phone

There you are, online, scrolling through the many new models of mobile phones that are on the market, and thinking about your own phone and how old it is.

You have been planning to upgrade for months but never quite got round to it.

You start wondering: ?I?ve got to upgrade, but what am I going to do with my old phone? Can I sell my phone or should I just throw it in the trash??

The answer is that you can sell or swap your phone when you are planning to upgrade, and you will be doing a lot of good either way for charity and the environment.

With mobile phone technology constantly evolving – especially smartphone technology – people are changing phones much more often than they used to. On average a mobile will be changed every 18 months or so, and one of the biggest challenges that faced the industry was what to do with old mobiles that were no longer wanted by their owners.


The old consumer dictum of, ?buy it, use it, and then trash it? has been overtaken by the rise of environmental concerns. Throwing out old mobile phones creates potential environmental hazards, such as battery leakage when dumped in landfill. Plus, the phones will be in the ground for a very long time as they are not biodegradable.

Today there are a range of options for consumers to recycle their old mobiles and to get cash for them, as well as supporting a number of very worthwhile charitable causes. Not only will you help the environment by choosing to dispose of your mobile this way, but you could also be helping people in the developing world to enhance their lives and improve their businesses by having affordable tools for communication.

It is a win/win situation for everyone, and for the mobile phone owner it is a very simple process on which to embark.

Swap or Sell?

There are two main aspects to consider when deciding what to do with your old mobile. Are you going to swap it or sell it?

In both cases the end outcome is the same, because old phones that are not obsolete will end up being refurbished. They may then be resold in developing countries where there is a lack of landlines or where new mobile phones are prohibitively expensive, or they are resold for profits that are then donated to charity.

Obsolete phones should also be sent for recycling because they can be stripped down to identify useable parts before being disposed of, in line with environmental safety guidelines.

There are now many recycling companies that will pay you for your old mobile phone and some that will give you a price for it to offset against a new phone if you wish to swap. The old phone still goes for recycling and so everyone benefits.

There are dozens of charities that now benefit from the profits donated to them from mobile phone recycling. These include frontline troops serving overseas, victims of domestic violence, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and children who have serious illnesses or chronic medical conditions.

Recycling your old mobile helps charities and the environment, so check your old drawers and cupboards for old cell phones and do your bit for both.


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