How to Make Lavender Lemonade for Headaches and Anxiety

By Kennedi Rose / June 11, 2018

The summers are in and the heat is at its maximum elevation with the hot sun beaming over our heads all the time. It?s time for you to eat and drink healthy so that your body does not have to suffer the consequences of the heat.

Many people get a little uncomfortable during summers and their body temperature begins to rise. This is the main cause of anxiety. People suffering from claustrophobia usually have these kinds of problems and suffer from anxiety. If we consume a glass of lavender lemonade before leaving our houses every day it will not only prevent anxiety but also help us in staying fresh for a long time.

Headache during summers is also very common. Many people catch a headache because of going out in the sun. Lavender lemonade is very useful in such cases. Carrying this drink in a sipper wherever you go can benefit you a lot. You can take a sip whenever you want so that you don?t suffer from headache or sun strokes.

There are many home remedies and hacks which are suggested by our mothers and grandmothers to help us beat the heat. Some of them are truly effective and show instant results if taken during the summers. Many home remedies like lemonade and sugar have proved to be very effective in cases of heat stroke and sun strokes. Here is one simple home remedy which can help in preventing headache and anxiety-

All you need is-

1. A handful of freshly picked and washed lavender flowers or a tablespoon of lavender powder.
2. A cup of granulated sugar.
3. 2 cups of boiling water.
4. ? cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
5. 2 or more cups of cold water.
6. Ice

What you need to do ?

1. Cut the lavender flowers and place it in a clean medium sized bowl. Pour some sugar on it and use your hands to rub the sugar on the lavender flowers (the lavender flowers need not be plucked out from the stems. You can easily take them off by chopping them off with a knife or a pair of scissors).
2. Pour the cups of boiling water over it and stir it well by using a spoon until the sugar melts down completely. Cover the bowl and leave it for thirty minutes or more (you can also keep it up to several hours).
3. Strain the liquid which is made and serve it into a serving glass or sipper (choose a container in which you are willing to serve or in which you are going to carry the drink for the rest of the day).
4. Add some lemon juice (it gives a refreshing and tangy taste to the drink making it more soothing and tasty).
5. Add two more cups of water (water is an essential element which should be consumed in abundance during the summers. The more water you use, the more benefit you will see. Add water to this solution to increase the consistency and volume of the liquid).
6. Taste and adjust according to your content ( preferably you should keep it a little tart in taste as it provides a refreshing effect).
7. Add more sugar if it is too tart and add more lemon juice if it too sweet (also remember that the ice will keep on melting making the drink more and more dilute).

Add some sliced lemon pieces and lavender leaves to garnish the servings and enhance the presentation. Your delicious and healthy lavender lemonade is ready to be served. This drink is known for keeping the body cool and maintaining the temperature, but along with this it also serves as major blood purifier during the summers. It can help in better blood circulation and lavender is also considered good for the heart. As we all know that heat gives us rashes and creates irritation in our bodies and as well as emotionally which can have a severe effect on the people living around you and even on your reputation. Lavender lemonade is perfectly healthy and safe for you. It soothes your body and hence all the heat goes away which leaves you cool and calm. It gives you all the cooling agents that are necessary for a person during summers.

It is very important for us to stay fit in this killing heat and protect ourselves from the sun in order to prevent many harmful diseases. You need to intake the right things and in the right amount so that your body stays cool all the time and stays protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Heat can have many adverse affects on the people and cause diseases like skin and hair cancer. If the bare skin and hair is exposed to the heat too much then the ultraviolet rays of the rays can have a serious affect on us.

So, as you can make it out from the article it is very beneficial to carry lavender lemonade with you at all times so that you can cool yourselves and have a refreshing drink whenever you want. It is a very beneficial and effective drink for headache and anxiety.

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