How to Lose Weight When You’re on A Budget

By Kennedi Rose / November 25, 2013
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#1: Cook at home. Cooking at home takes the guess work out of counting calories and also saves you money. Buy only vegetables and lean meats and watch your savings stack up while your weight flies off.

#2: Create an outdoor workout routine. Walking, running, jumping rope, and bicycling are all great ways to exercise, and they don?t have to be done inside a gym. Plan an exercise regime and stick to it, and do it all for free!

#3: Use a journal. Writing down everything you eat can dramatically improve your chances of losing weight and keeping it off. Use this simple tip to lose weight even when you have all zeros in the bank.

#4: Download health apps. If you have a smartphone use it to your advantage by downloading apps like my fitness pal that allow you to track your fitness goals and your eating habits. The app is one of hundreds of great free apps that will help you manage your goals.

#5: Try to shop for in season vegetables. The trick to eating well on a budget is knowing which fruits and vegetables are currently in season and shopping accordingly. Before you head to the grocery store look up which items on your list aren?t in season and mark them off.

#6: Go meatless. You don?t have to be a full on vegetarian to reap the benefits of that lifestyle. Go without meat for one day a week and save yourself calories and money.

#7: Try free Yoga classes. Many yoga studios offer either a free trial of classes or donation based classes free to the public. If you enjoy working out on yoga mats instead of outside in the elements then consider this option for a low-cost way to lose weight.

#8: Watch out for convenience diet foods. Losing weight is always fashionable, but recent brands have started offering 100-calorie snack foods that are both a waste of money and calories. Instead, stock up on snack-able fruits and nuts like almonds, cashews, and salt-free peanuts.

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