Frugal Hack: How to Increase the Life of Your Razor Blade

How to Increase the Life of Your Razor Blade

Want to learn a frugal hack that can save you $20 per year?

You probably go through a ton of razor blades. The cost of these can really add up. A 12-pack of razor cartridges costs $30, and lasts about 1 year. I’m going to show you how to triple the life of each razor blade, which will save you $20 per year.

Step One: Find an old pair of jeans that you’re not too attached to.

Step Two: Put those jeans on a hard, flat surface, like a table or floor.

Step Three: Quickly run the razor blade up the pant legs about 20-30 times. Point the razor in the “opposite” direction as you would if you were shaving. So, in other words, don’t “shave” your pants. Point the razor so that the top of the razor is facing towards the direction in which you’re rubbing. Your goal is to make sure that the razor is pointed in the direction that the blades are NOT going to cut your jeans.

make your razor blade last longer

This trick will make your razor blade last longer ...

Why Am I Doing This?
The denim threads on the jeans are fixing little tiny bends in the blades that naturally form when you shave. By fixing these bends, the razor blade stays sharp for a longer period of time — thus increasing its lifespan.

What If My Blade Is Already Dull?
Do this same thing, except use 50-100 swipes.

How Much Money Will I Save?
A 12-pack of Gillette Cartridges costs about $30, including tax. Let’s assume you go through one razor per month, or a 12-pack per year. Your cost-per-year, obviously, is $30.

By using this technique, let’s assume you can triple the life of your razor, so you only use one razor every three months. Now your cost-per-year is only $10. YOU SAVE $20!!

“Big deal, it’s just twenty bucks,” you might be thinking. That’s true — but it’s $20 you otherwise wouldn’t have.

And how much time does it take to swipe your razor across some denim? A couple of seconds? (Hint: If you’re going to throw away a pair of jeans, just clip off part of the pants leg and stash it in the spot where you normally keep your razor).

That extra $20 per year can buy you a tube of nice mascara or lipstick, a “budget” pair of shoes, or a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant. Wouldn’t you rather have that?
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