How to Have a Budget-Friendly Wedding in Your Way

By Kennedi Rose / January 24, 2019
Budget friendly

Wedding bliss comes with a lot of excitement and happiness and also money drain. Figuring out a wedding that can stand out as a budgeted affair is a bit tricky task but can be accomplished with a bit of smartness and efforts. It is usually seen that despite how hard you may try, one may end up in spending lavishly and hence go far beyond the actual budget set. So if you wish to have a memorable wedding in a pocket-friendly aspect, then here is how you can have a budget-friendly wedding in your way.

?       Planning Out a Budget:

Chalking out a budget is the essence of hosting a budgeted wedding. Having a budget set for everything, whether it is the wedding dresses, hiring the wedding planners, makeup, shopping, pieces of jewelry or any other ‘xyz’ thing, is always wise. But having a clear scenario in mind for the expenses that you can afford can help you in significant ways to plan out a budgeted wedding.

?       Advance Planning:

Planning things in advance is also a wise step to stay in budget. Last minute hustle bustles can pose to be a big danger for a budgeted wedding affair. So plan things well beforehand so that you have things falling in the right place. Also, you can benefit on the time factor which may allow you to research to find out the right people to outsource your wedding arrangements. Reserving and booking things in advance can also get you discounts and offers which will again be a useful hack to host a budgeted wedding reception.

?       Stop Bloating the Guest List:

You may think of adding everybody whom you may think of in your guest list, but you need to remember that addition of more and more guests would also add to the cost of the wedding. So, if you are looking out for a budgeted wedding, then your aunt?s friend?s sister?s father in law is not necessary to be on the guest list. Think wisely and do not over bloat your guest list just for the sake of being good to everyone.

?       Cutting Down on the Wedding Dresses:

Yes, a wedding dress is obviously the topmost priority and needs to be top notch for the bride to be. But it doesn?t mean that you need to run behind brands. You can buy cheap wedding dresses from online shops and act wisely to save some bucks. You can also barge into the showrooms when you see a ?SALE? board shining out at a shop. Offseason purchase can give you good benefits as well.

?       Minimize the D?cor:

Venue decoration is just another thing that can sweep off some extra money from your pocket. So why not cut down some extra pennies on d?cor? You may dream of having a grand reception, but the fact is people will only walk out talking about food and the newly-wed couples. So minimizing on the d?cor is up to you if you can part with some aggrandized and embellished effect for the reception party. You can use your own creativity and art with the help of wedding planners to plan out a perfect reception party with minimal d?cor to stick to your budget.

So, consider trying out these hacks and rank high on planning out a perfect wedding in a budget.

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