How to Get Ombre Hair without the Salon Price

By Kennedi Rose / February 11, 2014
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#1: Create a game plan. Decide what color, look, and style you are hoping to achieve. Use Google to find pictures you would like to emulate. Instead of just dyeing your hair out right make sure you have a plan in place.

#2: Do-It-Yourself. Salons charge an arm and a leg to create this specific style. Avoid the price by Doing It Yourself a home. Just be sure and do plenty of research before doing it.

#3: Buy a kit. Ombre has become so popular lately that labels like L?Oreal have created at home kits for women to do it themselves. These kits are relatively cheap so look into using them to create your new look.

#4: Buy extensions. If you are afraid to go all the way and dye your hair why not consider buying hair extensions? They are temporary and they come in virtually any shade you want. They may not be quite as cheap as doing it yourself but they also reduce the risk of going all the way.

#5: Consider buying a weave. Weaves aren?t cheap, but they do allow you to use the look over and over again without the cost of going to the salon each time. Once again they can save you money in the long run.

#6: Follow YouTube videos. YouTube has all the answers, simply search ombre diy and viola! You will have tutorials bombarding you left and right. Just be careful and make sure whoever is instructing you has a before and after shot of what they have done.

#7: Search Google. Google has plenty of DIY blogs that will save you hundreds of dollars and 3 hours in an uncomfortable salon chair. Follow their instructions step by step to make sure you don?t mess everything up and end up with an ugly color.

#8: Hire a beauty student. If all else fails you can always head to your local beauty college and let a student do your hair for half the price. They generally do an excellent job and usually only the students that are close to graduating are allowed to dye hair.

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