How to Get a Pedicure at Home

By Dimple / December 23, 2019

Getting a pedicure is one of the most relaxing things. Our feet carry us all day long, the least we can do is pamper them from time to time. If you are too busy to head out to a parlor or would like to save some bucks, getting a pedicure done at home is simple.

Here are some things that you will need:

  • Nail Clippers
  • Cotton Pads
  • Nail File
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Cuticle Cream
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • Warm Water and a Tub
  • Towel
  • Foot Scrub
  • Foot Mask
  • Moisturizer
  • Basecoat, Nail Polish of Your Choice, Topcoat
  • Bath Salts/ Essential Oils (Optional)

Get Your Nails Naked

The first thing you need to do is not get any nail paint off your nails. Take some nail polish remover on cotton pads and wipe away at your nails. Get them nice and clean.

Cut, Trim, File

Step 2 is to cut or trim your nails depending on the length you want your nails to be. Cut your nails straight across to get a good finish. Do not cut the corners too much or too close to the skin because that can lead to ingrown nails, which can be painful.

File them to make them smooth and also to shape them in the shape that suits your fancy. Filing will help smooth down any ragged edges.

Bath Your Feet

Fill the tub with warm water. You can add bath salts or essential oils if you want. Soak your feet in the warm water. Relax for 15-20 minutes with your feet soaking, and then dry them with a towel. This will help loosen the dirt and also help hard skin get a little soft for the next step.


After the feet bathing, make sure that your feet are dry. Rub some cuticle cream on the base of each of your toenails and leave them be for a few minutes. While the cuticle cream is being soaked in, use a foot scrub to firmly but gently remove all the dry and dead skin cells.

After you are done scrubbing away at your feet. Wipe your feet and the cuticle cream, and then use a cuticle pusher to gently push back your cuticles.


Use a mask to apply on your feet and legs to give your skin some nourishment and glow. Apply a mask of your choice and let it dry. Wash it off when dry, and then pat your skin dry.


Once you are done with everything, the last step of taking care of your feet is moisturizing them. It helps hydrate your skin and also keeps it soft. Moisturizing also helps your feet from cracking, which is usually caused by dry skin.


Rub the moisturizer in and be sure to massage your feet well. Massages help improve blood circulation and keep the nerve endings stimulated, hence nourishing the foot muscles.


This step is optional depending on whether you want your nails painted. Apply a base coat to protect your nails from discoloration. After it is dry, apply the nail paint of your choice. Apply two layers to get an even and solid coat. Once both the layers are dried, apply a top coat to protect your nail polish and make it last longer.

Voila! You are done! You can also add some nail embellishments and foot jewelry to spice things up!

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