How to Eat Healthy When You’re Broke

By Kennedi Rose / October 7, 2013

You want to eat healthier, but you’re broke. Sound familiar? Here are some tips to help you eat healthy on a tight budget.

#1: Buy cheap fruits and veggies.
Bananas, apples, carrots, cucumbers and oranges are much cheaper than “exotic” produce like pomegranates and avocado. Stick with cheaper fresh produce to trim your budget.

#2: Eat smaller meals.
Cut back on the amount of food that you eat. Eat smaller meals throughout the day, which curbs your hunger and keeps your metabolism high.

#3: Eat breakfast.
Research shows that people who eat breakfast ultimately eat fewer calories throughout the day. So don’t skip breakfast!

#4: Drink water.
Water is free, and great for your health. Get a Brita filter instead of buying bottled water.

#5: Avoid juice.
Juice from the store is just sugar water. Eat whole fruits rather than buying juice.

#6: Buy oats and nuts in bulk.
Whole oats and nuts make a hearty meal. (Add raw honey for taste). Buy these in bulk, since they don’t spoil.

#7: Eat chicken or fish.
Poultry and seafood is far cheaper than red meat (beef or pork) and it’s also better for your health. Some varieties of fish can be expensive, so opt for tilapia, an affordable and tasty white fish.

#8: Go to the store frequently.
Don’t buy too much food, only to throw away the spoiled produce. Instead, make frequent trips to the store, buying less during each trip.

#9: Avoid the store on an empty stomach.
Don’t step into the grocery store when you’re hungry — you’re more likely to blow your budget (and your diet!)

#10: Keep a snack with you at all times.
We lose willpower when we’re hungry. Keep a snack, like an apple or granola bar, with you at all times. If you discover you’re craving fast food, eat your snack instead.

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