How to Eat Healthy for Dirt Cheap!

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#1: Use a list. Planning your healthy food list out down to each and every food item will help you buy what you need, not what you want. It will also provide you with a framework to count every calorie that goes into your body and will also give you the peace of mind to know the nutrition of the food in your fridge.

#2: Grow your own. Foods like herbs, veggies, and some fruits can all be reasonably grown in your own backyard. Tomatoes are the easiest of all the vegetables out there so grab a pot and get growin?, er going.

#3: Buy dried. Beans, rice, and whole grains can be bought for half their regular cost if you buy them dried and uncooked. Fiber is a vital nutrient and very important in a healthy lifestyle, so buy large bags of dry or uncooked beans and whole grains and cook them yourself.

#4: Create a food plan. Group your food items like protein, vegetables, fruits, grains ect and decide what the cheapest items in those food groups are. Do your research and make your grocery list around it. For example, if you want protein consider buying eggs they average around 17 cents each.

#5: Use canned meats. Tuna is an extremely lean and healthy meat to eat and you can purchase it in a can for super cheap. Make a tuna salad (minus the mayo) and you have yourself a healthy lunch for super cheap.

#6: Buy greens. Greens like spinach, broccoli, and kale are all super rich in vitamins, minerals and even protein, and they are all dirt cheap. The fact that broccoli has virtually the same amount of protein as beef should make you want to stock up on it, and make it the main portion of your meal instead of expensive meat.

#7: Try stocking up on oats. Oats are unbelievably cheap and can be bought in bulk, jackpot! Oatmeal can be fed to your entire family over and over again and provides them with minerals that are essential to focus and the production of good hormones.

#8: Create chicken-based meals. Chicken is both healthier and less expensive then beef and is the perfect option for large families. Purchase boneless, skinless, chicken breasts and throw them on the grill with veggies for a delicious and healthy meal option.

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