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How to Dye Ombre Hair Yourself – Face & Fitness

How to Dye Ombre Hair Yourself

By Kennedi Rose / August 27, 2012
ombre hair

So I found this “recipe” explaining how to dye ombre hair yourself. I haven’t tried the recipe myself, so I can’t vouch for it.

Check it out, and let me know if you think this will lead to salon-quality ombre hair highlights!

You Need:
* Hair dye (whatever color you like)
* Lightweight plastic gloves (for use while handling dye)
* Comb
* Several clips to hold your hair up (something that you’re okay with spilling dye on)
* Old towel (that you’re fine with spilling dye on)
* Old clothes (wear clothes that you’re okay with ruining)
* A friend (this is a two-person job)

Step 1: Mix the dye according to package directions.
Step 2: Separate top layer of hair from bottom layer. Clip top layer up.
Step 3: Apply dye mix to the ends of the bottom section. If you want it to look blended, then add heavier dye at the bottom and go lighter as you work your way up.
Step 4: Add tin foil to just the tips. This adds heat, which intensifies the dye’s effect.
Step 5: Unclip the top layer of hair.
Step 6: Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the top layer section.
Step 7: Let dye sit according to package directions.
Step 8: Wash hair and – voila! Ombre hair!

What do you think? Would you dye your own ombre hair?

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