How to Dress Fashionably Without Paying Full Retail

#1: Wait for sales. Even the biggest brands have sales at some point during the year, so wait until they start advertising sales to buy that dress you just have to have. Season changes usually mean sales so go shopping for each season at the end of the last.

#2: Wear Vintage clothes. The Vintage look has become very fashionable in recently and vintage clothes can be found virtually everywhere. Shop at thrift shops or discount clothing stores for vintage items for half the price.

#3: Rent your fashion. Why would you buy full price when you can rent the same items for less than half the price? Check your local listings for clothing rental stores that have high end clothing for a discount.

#4: Shop online. The Internet has thousands of shops to choose from, and many of them sell brand name fashionable clothing for cheap. Sites like eBay and Amazon are great places to start your clothing searches.

#5: Check out discount stores. Aside from the Internet there is also stores like TJMAX and Marshalls that sell fashion forward clothing for seriously discounted prices. These stores also offer sales and credit cards for loyal customers.

#6: Accessorize. The key to fashion isn?t always what blouse or pair of jeans you wear. If you can accessorize your outfit with scarves, necklaces, and jewelry you find you look much more fashionable then you thought possible.

#7: Shop at the right stores. Avoid stores like Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, and Guess. Focus on discount stores that offer you solid discounts on the clothing you want. The end result of shopping at brand name stores generally is spending too much money with little to show for it.

#8: Check out wholesales. If you have a wholesale license it is worth your time to check out wholesale stores that offer fashionable clothing for a major discount. This can also offer you a chance to make some money if you buy in bulk and resell it where you can.

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