How to Control Those Sugar Cravings?

Are you tired of dieting with no results? Are you tired of losing pounds only to gain them back and then some a month later? If you have experienced these frustrations, your innocent sweet-tooth could be the culprit!

To get better results from your hard-work and sacrifice, you may need to control how much sugar you eat. Easier said than done, you say! There is constant temptation at home and even in the office. Someone brings in a dozen donuts and the next thing you know, you are stuffing your face full of them!

Try out these tips to bring your sweet-tooth under control!

Drink Plenty of Water

Much of the reason why our bodies crave sweets and other foods is because it is dehydrated. Often, your mind tricks you into to craving for sweets, when in fact you are in need of water.

Before you reach for the candy bar, drink a glass of water! This will make you refreshed and hydrate your body at the same time. Make sure to keep a cup of water or bottled water where you sit to make this a habit.

Also, make sure to drink water with your main meals throughout the day.

Eat Breakfast

Due to our busy schedules, we are often tempted to rush out the door without eating anything for breakfast. This often leads to hunger later on in the day and worse, craving and eating sweets.

Avoid this by eating a wholesome breakfast with protein and whole grains along with fruits and veggies. Protein is especially helpful in combating cravings throughout the day.

Get Rest

We have a lot to do in our lives but that does not mean we should skip sleep! Lack of sleep makes us tired the next day and have us reaching for sweet, but empty calories the next day. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep to help with your weight-loss plan.


Whenever I had eaten a full meal, I would still feel a great deal of hunger and end up snacking on my favorite candy bars! I realized that I was not giving enough time for my body to process the food.

Instead of giving into my hunger and eating my beloved candy, I decided to wait. I found that if I waited long enough, the cravings would go away!

Besides helping with my diet, this increased my energy throughout the day by helping me to avoid sweets that would give a quick energy boost followed by the dreaded crash.

Get Focused

I noticed that I tend not to have cravings whenever I am really focused on a task. In the middle of doing a task, I am lost in concentration and do not even feel hunger! Next time you feel the urge to eat that muffin or your favorite candy bar, start working on a task or play your favorite game on your mobile!

Better Results

If you are tired of not achieving your fitness goals, then giving into those cravings may be culprit. Try and control those sugar cravings with these five ideas. You will lose weight and feel more energetic!

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