How to Apply Ombre Hair Color at Home

By Kennedi Rose / January 18, 2014

#1: Plan it out. Before you even purchase the color you will use to get the ombre look, research what looks best with your skin tone. Google images of girls with your skin tone and base hair color, wearing the ombre look.

#2: Use a leave-in conditioner. Dyeing your hair any color will cause some damage to your hair so to avoid this grab some leave-in conditioner and nourish your hair. If you start off with a great canvas your hair will look even better with your new look.

#3: Prep your surface. In addition to hydrating your hair, make sure it is cut and detangled. The worst thing to do is dye tangled unkempt hair. Eliminate split ends and tangled hair prior to dyeing it.

#4: Gather your tools. Purchase the desired hair color, brushes, and gloves to avoid dyeing your hands in the process. The best brush for ombre dyeing is a large mouthed and bristled brush. It helps evenly distribute the color throughout your hair.

#5: Start applying. The best place to begin the fade of your natural color and the new ombre look is near the place where you mouth is. If you are nervous try starting with one single strand of hair and watching it as the true color dries.

#6: Watch the clock. The length you leave the dye in your hair will depend on how dark your hair is and what the look is you are trying to achieve. Generally, leave the dye in your hair anywhere between 20-45 minutes.

#7: Create the look you want. You can create whatever look you want depending on how you apply the dye to your hair. If you want a more intense look brush the dye horizontally on your hair. If a softer look is what you are hoping for then brush the dye vertically down each strand of hair.

#8: Use moderation. Don?t get carried away applying tons of color to your hair. Use a few gentle strokes on your hair and move to the next piece. If you want the perfect ombre look you have to be aware that a little goes a long way with hair color.

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