How Fashion Helps You Stay Fit (Really!)

By Kennedi Rose / October 22, 2012
Trying to get in shape

Trying to get in shape? You’ll be more motivated to hit the gym when you know you’ll be looking your best. After all, no one likes to look like a slob. Looking awesome can give you the motivational boost that you need in order to run that next mile.

You’ll need:

#1: Stylish shoes
Cheap gym shoes are clunky. They don’t support your feet, and they don’t look good. That’s a lose-lose.

Prioritize brands that adequately support your stride. This prevents injury. You may need to try a few diffrent brands before you find the one that best matches the shape and arch of your feet.

Once you’ve figured out what brand suits you best, look for cute colors and designs. If possible, try to get shoes that match one of your favorite workout tops. (My shoes match my sports bra). Speaking of which …

#2: Sports Bra
Try to get one that matches your shoes! 🙂

Play around with color … I like to pair a neon orange or pink sports bra with a black top, just to give me a modest splash of hue. (I also own a neon orange top and a black sports bra, though I haven’t gathered up the courage to wear something that bold yet!)

#3: Tank tops
Insecure about your arms? Don’t worry; that’s why you’re at the gym. You could work around this by looking for a top with sleeves, but I’ll warn you … most workout tops are sleeveless for a reason. (Armpit stains!) My advice? Forget the insecurity and embrace the sleeveless top.

#4: Pants
Three-quarter length pants are all the rage these days. If you’re petite, these might make you look a little shorter. But you might still opt for these, especially if you decide that short-shorts are too “college girl” and full-length pants get in the way of your workout (you don’t want to trip over your pants!)

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