How Eating Healthy Can Help You Save Money

By Kennedi Rose / September 23, 2013

Yes, fruits and veggies are expensive. But processed and packaged foods are even more expensive, having health problems and needing to see a doctor is expensive. Here are 8 reasons why being healthy (and eating healthy) is cheaper than not.

How Eating Healthy Can Help You Save Money

#1:Save on health costs in the long-run. Healthy foods help your body to heal and in turn eliminate the need to run to the hospital for health problems. They also tend to keep you lean. The thinner you are the less you will pay for health deductibles, co-pays and other health care costs in the long run.

#2: They prevent sickness. If you have a tendency to get sick in flu season then stock up on fruits and veggies this year and you may just prevent yourself from getting sick. Eating healthy foods full of vitamins builds up your immune system so it can fight off germs in the air.

#3: You eat less. Eating healthy vitamin rich foods means your body won?t have the need to fill up on empty foods. This in turn means you will not be spending as much money buying junk food.

#4: Less eating out. People who find themselves on a healthy diet often eat out less than people with no dietary restrictions. This is due in part because restaurants generally do not cater to healthy diets. If you limit yourself to fruits, veggies, and lean meats you will find that eating out simply is not worth the cost.

#5: It encourages budgeting. If you change your diet to eating healthy you will find you have to budget accordingly. Once you start to analyze your finances you may discover other areas where you can adjust your money.

#6: Save money on medications. Better nutrition means less medication, and less medication means more money in your pocket. It may seem far-fetched but in reality fruits and vegetables can really save you money even on medications.

#7: You can buy in bulk. Items like beans, legumes, and even some vegetables can be bought in bulk when in season, saving you money in the long run. Certain healthy foods can be stocked up on for the non-harvest seasons.

#8: Water is much cheaper than soda. No healthy diet plan is complete with also a healthy beverage. Those less concerned with health often drink soda on a regular basis, however water is actually much cheaper and saves dieters some serious dough.

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