How Do Most People Spend Their Money?

Have you ever wondered how most people spend their money?

The U.S. Department of Labor collected data on how the average family spends their cash. Since reading government data is boring, this cute little graphic — with fun colors — is a more interesting way to visualize their data. (Click on the image to see the whole thing).

You know what surprises me the most? Half our money goes to housing and transportation. That’s 35 percent to housing, 15 percent to transportation, for a total of 50 percent. If we could trim just those two costs … we’d have a ton more to, ahem, “save.” (Or spend on makeup!)

(Did you know that Harvard researchers found that makeup is a career investment? Seriously. Read all about it.)

Anyway, you get my point — the less we spend on the things we “need,” the more we can spend on the things we “want.” That’s the most fun spending there is!


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