How Cutting down on your Food Intake can be more Harmful than Useful

By Kennedi Rose / March 23, 2016
Balanced diet

One of the most important aspects of getting in shape is eating healthy. It doesn?t matter how many hours every day you put into working out, if you don?t eat healthy, all the hard work will not bear fruit. Even if you do end up losing weight, it?s unlikely that you?ll lose as much as you want to. The reason for that is that mere physical exercise is not enough to shed the extra fat you?ve accumulated in your body over the years. Consuming the right amount of food is the key to losing weight and staying healthy.

Therefore, dieting is a must for good health.

However, it’s a little more complicated than most people believe it to be. It doesn?t involve eating less of the same food every day. A well balanced diet is a necessity for good health and you should not make compromises with it.

A lot of people think that dieting means eating less food. This could not be further from the truth. Cutting down on your food willy-nilly can not only be useless, but also counterproductive and downright dangerous. The food we consume on a daily basis is our only source of energy. The process of digestion happens so the food can be broken down and the energy within released to provide fuel for our body?s everyday functions. If this is deducted without proper examination, you?ll be putting your body in extreme danger. For starters, your body will not have enough energy to perform even the most ordinary activities. You?ll be prone to getting tired more easily and will need to sleep more often than what?s usual.

That?s not all. If you cut down on your food intake suddenly, your body?s immunity will suffer greatly. The lack of necessary vitamins, proteins and other minerals will chip away at you until you?re in real danger of bad health. Our bodies require a certain amount of food to stay upright and remain functional. Without that amount of food, its chances of collapsing from various physical and even mental illnesses increase exponentially.

Lethargy and a failed immune system are just two of the most common effects of a badly planned ?diet?.

That is why a balanced diet is recommended for anyone who is looking to get in shape or just maintain good health. Even if you think you?re capable of mapping out a diet plan for yourself, it?s always better to go to an expert for help. Experts know all about body mass index, necessary calorie intake and how different genetic factors work into ideal body weights. They can take all the important factors into account and come up with a unique diet that?s just right for you. Experimenting on your own with something as crucial to your life and good health must be avoided at all costs.

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