Home Remedies to Get Rid of Acne Scars

By Kennedi Rose / February 5, 2018
Acne scars

What is really acne? Acne is the terms used to refer to papules (short pink bumps formed on the skin) appearing in the form of cysts caused as a result of continuous exposure to dirty water, sweat, polluted air or dust, whiteheads and blackheads. Generally, the most common area where acne appears is the face, but it can also occur on the legs, chest, shoulders, buttocks and the back. Though a number of individuals associate acne to the teenage and puberty, it can even be experienced by both the men as well as the women of 25 to 35 years old in age and even older, as per the dermatologists. Plugged pores and outbreak of lesions is generally the root reason behind occurrence of acne. Other reasons may even include changes in the hormone levels. Acne scars have long been known to effect the self – confidence and the self – esteem of teenagers. But acne must not be allowed to scar your, self-perception, and neither your skin! Here are some home remedies to help you get rid of acne scars.

Home Remedies for Acne Scars

Tomato Slices

An effective technique to help remove and reduce the appearance of acne scars is rubbing tomato slices on the marks that acne may have left behind. Owing the credit to the carotenes and the Vitamin A which are present in abundance, in tomatoes, this technique helps promote healthy cell re ? growth, heal damaged tissues with help of the antioxidant compounds and even provide a healthy red colour.

Sandalwood Paste

If you apply a paste made of sandalwood in rose water and leave the same on, overnight, followed by a wash off with cold water the nest morning, you can experience a marked improvement in the reduction of acne scars. Sandalwood and its benefits in skincare are no secret. It has traditionally been one of the essential elements used by the Indian women to enhance their beauty. Till date, a number of high end brands make use of this traditional remedy in their soaps and creams as a key ingredient.

Cucumber Juice

Not only an ideal as well as effective skin toner, cucumber juice is well known to be effective in improving the skin texture. It not only heals the scars that are caused by acne, but also soothes the skin as well as reduces inflammation.

Tea Tree Oil

One of the most popular and definitely the most effective remedies for all acne problems, is the tea tree oil. After dilution, the oil can be applied to the regions on the skin, which are affected by acne. The tea tree oil has an essential component known as the terpene ? 4 ? ol, which has the power to easily kill the bacteria permanently, and eliminate all bacterial activity. Propionibacterium is the acne causing bacteria, which can be easily neutralized with the use of tea tree oil, hence preventing the dwelling of bacteria on the skin and the development of acne.

Egg Whites

Highly effective in treating acne scarring, egg whites are also easy to obtain. To get the best effect, the egg whites must be left overnight, after application with the help of a cotton ball. A huge amount of protein is present in the egg white portion of the eggs which can help in a speedy healing of the skin, when applied directly to it. Proteins can help in boosting the recovery of acne scars as it is the building block of muscle as well as cellular tissue of the skin.

The Herbal Dilemma

Herbs like sage, aloe vera and the magical turmeric also have been proven to be effective in treatment of acne scars. For thousands of years, turmeric has been effectively used in beauty products. Ingesting the same or applying on the skin helps in effective management of scars left behind due to acne. Aloe vera as well as sage as considered to be mighty healing agents which can assist in bringing relief to the scars caused by acne. All you need to do is either apply aloe vera directly to the skin or soak sage in hot water and apply on the skin after it cools down.

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