Health Supplements ? Do you Need them or not?

By Kennedi Rose / October 22, 2018

Since time immemorial, the only source of diet in our lives was food that includes fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses either raw or cooked. But since we are living in this new era of modern life that is 21st century we daily experience new inventions and innovations henceforth we can consider health supplements as another form of invention. Now let me first tell you what exactly health supplements mean. So health supplements provide nutrients to our body which our body generally lack. These are taken by individuals orally as pills, capsules, tablets, powders or as liquids. They were made to be taken in diet to provide vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, herbs, etc., to our body. Generally, people who are gym freaks or the ones who are too much conscious about their fitness have these health supplements without realising its long term ill-effects. People out of excitement or those people who always want things early in their lives without working hard for it usually rely on these supplements. In fact, they are the target customers of these health supplement manufacturing companies.

Now the big question comes DO WE NEED SUPPLEMENTS? ?And according to me the answer will be a big NO. We do not need any kind of artificial products in our diet to fulfil the needs of our body, instead we should depend more on good quality natural food which includes fresh fruits, green vegetables, to have a protein rich diet we can go for cheese, fishes, chicken, etc. Health supplements have more risks and side effects for our body hitched to them than benefits. These supplements work the same way as drugs, they make us addicted to them so much that we can literally die because of its cravings. These supplements are just making us hollow and empty from inside merely giving you some outer flesh that with time will also be of no use. There are literally thousands of side effects and risks to these supplements hence it is important for us to talk about some of them here too-

  • It makes you feel full every time even though you had not eaten anything the whole day except the supplements that is it curb your cravings for food.
  • It increases heart rate and we all know if heart starts dysfunction, then hardly any time is left for the body to collapse.
  • High blood pressure is another problem hooked with health supplements.
  • Kidney problems are reported every now and then.
  • And because of inadequate quality control and proper inspection, supplements contaminated with heavy metals or pesticides are sold to the consumers which possess a major threat to the lives of people.

Generally, people take supplements to build a good physique or to lose or gain weight and to boost up their stamina but they are hardly aware that they are dealing with a devil. And lastly I would say that these supplements are against nature and anything that is against nature is harmful to the human race in one way or the other. And if someone says that these supplements can help you overcome any disease or problems just tell them to consult a good doctor both for their physical and mental health.

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