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Having Pets Can Help You Stay Healthier – Face & Fitness

Having Pets Can Help You Stay Healthier

By Kennedi Rose / May 27, 2015

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a pet. Growing up, my family always had at least one dog and after we moved to the farm when I was 13 we acquired some barn cats, cows, sheep, and we even had a couple of pigs from time to time (though some of these things were raised for slaughter to provide food and income for our family). Having pets can be very costly, but they can also bring some great benefits into your life, like making you healthier.


This may not apply to everyone, but after I started living on my own and having pets in my house I’ve been more focused on keeping my home as clean as possible. I don’t want to have tons of pet hair flying around and I don’t like having messes in my home, so having indoor pets has made me more diligent at keeping my house picked up and clean.

I also have a cat and even though I try to keep her off of surfaces like the dining table and kitchen counters, you never know what they are doing while you aren’t home. So before I use any of these surfaces for food prep or eating, I always disinfect them first.


I want my dogs to stay in good shape and they behave better when they get exercise on a regular basis too, so I try to go on regular walks with them. I have two small dogs and one larger dog so I rotate taking them for a walk every 3rd day. For example, I walk dog A on Monday, dog B on Tuesday, and dog C on Wednesday. Then on Thursday I walk dog A again. This may not seem like enough exercise for some dogs, but as I said two of them are small so they don’t need much exercise and the other one is a senior dog who doesn’t get around as well as he used to so a 30-45 minute walk every 3rd day is adequate for him too.


Because I’m single and I live alone, I would have no one to talk to when I’m at home if I didn’t have pets. My pets are my family and they provide me some companionship when I’m at home. I’ve even been known to talk to them like they are people!

I’m not the only one that finds companionship from pets. Senior citizens who live alone will live longer if they have a pet to keep them company and they are less likely to be depressed. Pets are known to improve your mood when you are feeling sad or depressed.

Even though pets can be expensive, and a lot of work, their numerous benefits outweigh the costs for me and I wouldn’t trade my pets for anything.

Do you have pets? Do you think they help keep you healthier? Why or why not.


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