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Easy Hairstyles: Less than 1 minute – Face & Fitness

Easy Hairstyles: Less than 1 minute

By Kennedi Rose / November 2, 2011
don't damage your hair - its not worth it

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In my humble opinion, too many women spend too much money and ruin their hair with expensive, damaging heat products.

Straightening irons are great for making your hair look good TONIGHT. But it gives you split ends and turns your hair — in the long run — into a giant frizz ball.

It’s short-term spending that wastes your best asset. Why ruin your hair in the long-run for the sake of one night’s worth of shine?

Is It Worth It?

Don’t get me wrong, I have no objection to straightening your hair before a big date, a swanky restaurant, or a television appearance. But geez, ladies, don’t give yourself split ends to look good for a trip to the grocery store or dinner at your cousin Vinny’s house in Shelbyville. It’s not worth it.

Plus, you’ll spend $40 – $100 on a good straightener that you’ll need to replace once a year if you use it regularly. You’ll also need $10 per month of heat protection spray if you’re using it regularly. That adds up to $160 – $220 per year. It’s just not worth it.

So for all those days when you aren’t styling your hair with heat, how can you make it look chic? Here are a few pointers:

1) The Cute, Messy Bun
Ah, the simple, chic, less-than-30-seconds route to looking effortlessly cute (because it’s genuinely effortless). I like to keep my messy bun close to the crown of my head — almost cheerleader-style — because keeping it that high seems to elongate my neck and give me a more fresh, fun look.

2) The Fedora
For you ladies who are thinking “My hair’s not long enough for a bun!” — try a fashionable fedora, beret or other styling hat. I’ve always been jealous of you short-haired vixens who can tuck your hair under a cute little hat: it’s an accessory AND an effortless hairstyle all-in-one!

3) The Braid
There’s a reason so many women with super long and/or super curly hair wear braids — it’s easy. You don’t even need to brush your hair (as you curly-haired girls can attest): Just divide your hair into three sections and create a long braid that runs down your back. Tie the elastic a few inches below the bottom, so you can scrunch the ends, and spritz a tiny blast of mousse or hairspray on the ends. To go really young and cute, see if you can pull off the two-braid, schoolgirl look.

4) The Braided Bun
Still unhappy with your braid? Braid your hair and THEN put it into a high, messy bun. Or — for a more chic, polished look — run a tiny braid through your hair (one-fourth of an inch of one of your face-framing strands of hair, starting near your temples — a la Lauren Conrad in The Hills) and work that back into your bun.

5) The Clip
I have a giant clip that I use to hold back all my hair — I pile my hair towards my ponytail level (less like a “bun” and more like a messy, bed-head pile of hair) and hold it in place with a giant clip that’s decorated with cute beads. It does a great job of making my hair look styled and modern without actually taking more than a minute.

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